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Ezeral in progress
« on: June 01, 2016, 01:34:17 PM »
Rather than clog up the Character Applications board, I just needed the sheet up so I can jump in the free-play and people can check out a bit about my character.

Ezeral Alqeuin
The Gem Hunter

Name: Ezeral Alequin
Race: Human
Origin: Narim born, raised in Nijon
Age: 17
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Class: Thief

How's about a little story to pass the time. Do you want to hear one? Because I just happen to have an interesting one that I haven't told anyone before. It's a little tale about a young man named Ezeral. Ezeral Alequin, the famed gem hunter.

So you've heard tales about magical gems right? The ones that are scattered all throughout Entar. Some say they are merely just tales old fools tell to their grand-children. Others have seen them with their own eyes. And some... Well they have seen the power they posses and have even used it for themselves. The lucky ones have lived to tell about it. Well my story starts right here in Nijon. The Shihonkin district.

A young teenager, was scrambling to his feet after scaling a rather high wall and attempting a landing on the other side but failed miserably. He quickly rolled from his fall and was back on his feet in a second. Just in time to hear a shrill whistle blast followed by yelling all coming from the direction of several Nijonese Palace Guards, and they did not seem happy. They rounded a corner just after Ezeral had gotten to his feet and casually strolled in the opposite direction to the guards, who by this stage had their hands clasped firmly upon their weapons and they began to run in the direction of Ezeral. Rather than look behind him and appear suspicious of his actions he simply continued to walk at his current pace until he felt something sharp lightly press against his back.

“You there! Turn around, hands out of your pockets and where I can see them.” The man spoke bad Common with a heavy Nijon accent. “Do it now!” He demanded, pushing the tip a little deeper so as to cause some discomfort. Ezeral, now surrounded by seven of Nijon's finest did as he was told and turned around, removing his left hand from it's pocket. The right however, stayed exactly where it was, clutched onto something of incredible value.

By now, the scene had caused panic for the civilians who were witnessing the situation. Screams of women and young ones echoed off the walls and caused more bystanders to take notice.

Great! Just what I didn't need, more attention. Ezeral thought to himself as he thought his predicament through. But he was cut short of thinking time as the guards begun to get even more impatient.

“Your other hand! Where I can see it. Now!” The orders were barked from what seemed to be the leader of this particular unit of guard. He almost spat as he spoke and was slowly approaching Ezeral, his sword now almost at his throat. He needed to get out of this situation and soon.

“Okay...” Ezeral said, surrendering to the wishes of the guard. “You win.” As he finished speaking he removed his right hand from it's pocket, taking with it the hidden contents the guards were so desperately seeking to get back.  A dark, solid black oval-shaped object, completely smooth on every edge. It glistened in the sun, sparkling almost. It was definitely a sight to see. “You mean this?” Ezeral said, holding the gem towards the guard.

“Yes, give us the Black Jade now, we promise your death will be painless!” The guard was honourable in his word, they were going to kill Ezeral, cooperative or not.

“I have a better idea.” Ezeral said, clutching the gem as tightly as he could. He brought it close to his chest and whispered to it gently. “Please work, please work, please work.” As though the gem could understand what Ezeral wanted it begun to glow. A strange sensation flooded his body. From this sensation, that almost seemed to spark from his heart, came an incredible warmth. It wasn't as though he was heating up from the sun or fire, it was a comforting warmth. It seemed to tell him everything would be alright.

“Get him!” The soldiers attacked all at once, the spears and swords all aimed at a different spot over Ezeral's body. But just as they were about to collide with, and more than likely pierce, his flesh the Jade began to glow. From the gem came a semi-opaque barrier that quickly grew in size. It stopped when it reached the closest soldiers weapon, creating a bubble around Ezeral several meters in diameter. The unit's leader approached the shield and tapped it with his weapon, instantly cause it to repel his attack, causing him to stumble a few steps backwards. The other soldiers looked at him then at each other. It seemed as though minutes had passed but it was only seconds and the shield began to grow once more, very rapidly.

It sent every member of the group flying away from Ezeral, clearing his path both forward and backwards, for a few moments at least. The gem returned to it's dull state, it's energies exhausted. There was nothing more the Black Jade could do for him. He pocketed it once more and held up his right arm, with his palm facing the sky. He concentrated for a few seconds, just as the guards slowly got to their feet and were looking around, partially dazed. Within these few seconds he had managed to materialise yet another gem. A Yellow Topaz now sat in the palm of his hand, fully charged and ready to go. He clutched it tightly in his hand, the troops collected their weapons and began to rush Ezeral once more. With one swift movement he lifted the gem high above his head, hand out stretched and slammed the gem into the ground beneath him, instantly causing the gem to activate.

A tremendous blast of light shot from the gem into the ground beneath Ezeral and he launched himself several feet into the air, up and over the great walls of the palace. On the other side of the walls he found himself a safe little road-side shop that he swiftly entered, sending the gem back to the realm from which it came before he entered. He found himself a table and a waitress brought some water to his table. The heavy steps of soldiers could be heard outside the restaurant. He relaxed a little as they passed, he was safe, but he needed to get out of the city.

“Now, that's where you come in. I hear you're heading out of town with your caravan? Well... I want in.”

Height: 5'11
Weight: 80 kg
Hair Colour: Pure black
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Skin Colour: White / slightly tanned
The Treasure Hunter

So you know a little, but you really want to get to know me huh? Well, allow me to continue.

Neutral Evil, because I can.

I am all for myself and my own advancement. If there is a quick and easy way to gain a profit, whether it is legal or illegal or questionable, I will take advantage of it. I have no objection to working with others or by myself and I will base my allegiance based on power and money. While I may have no qualms about betraying friend or companion, if it is for personal gain I will, albeit seldomly.

Wait. you mean apart from being greedy right?

Well, although I seem to be completely obsessed with the collection of all things rare and obscure, I am a relatively normal person. Fit and healthy in ever way would best describe me. Oh except that my body is laced with fragments of the rare energy storing metal Tazo, (Bretta as you Elven folk call it). Funny story that, I'll save it for later though.

What, a picture isn't worth a thousand words these days?

Well, obviously human. That comes with all the features one would normally associate with being human. Jet black and unruly hair to begin with. It's next to impossible to get it to sit how I want of a morning, so I normally just wake up and let it do it's thing. It's getting long now, covers my ears and keeps me warm during the cold winter nights. I rarely cover it up, there is no point really. Brown eyes, almost bordering black. They are extremely dark brown at the very least. And they appear soul-less. A cold and penetrating gaze.

Without going into too much detail, I am your average human in terms of height and weight. Pale, barely tanned skin, around six feet tall and weighing around eight kilograms. I am no push over in a fight and I can hardly be seen as a weak target. I can hold my own very decently infact. Plus the muscles are there, I just don't show them off, their not even covered by that much fat. The ladies even say that I am quite the attractive man, without sounding too full of myself.

I seem to give off an aura that exudes confidence. My every step is proud and tall, I have great posture I guess. None of this slouching business for me. I even speak with confidence, a deep and resonating tone. First impressions... First impressions, well, I'd come across as a normal human, no reason to fear or purposely avoid me. Although, one might be turned away by my fashion sense, in that there is none. I dress how I want, for the situation I'm in. Not going to change that in a hurry. Apart from that, we'd probably be friends. If you had something I wanted or could find some sort of use for you in my line of work.

You'll get along fine with me because I said you will!

Hmm... I guess I'm a little self centered, arrogant if you will. I believe that I am better than most people, simply because I am. I don't know how else to word that. You'll see soon enough, if you can stand hanging around or I don't kill out first. Although I'm generally characterised as an 'evil evil man' by many people, you'd probably be a pretty decent friend for me, until you actually got to know me. Am I using that word right? Friend?

So what if I try and charm the pants off you at first sight. It usually won't last, because you will give me what I want. Confidence is my biggest trait I would say, one look at me and you would agree. I only do as I please because it is simply the easiest way to get things done. You'll learn this one day. Never rely on anyone. But there is more to me than just the top layer. Underneath all the apparent friendly attitude, I am cold, collected, patient. Nothing more.

General Thievery: A valuable skill in his profession, if gem hunting/stealing is even a profession. Such assets include; extortion, coercion, persuasion, blackmail, stealth and combat. The first few are only used if contact has to be made. I'd like to think I can diffuse situations with words rather than by fist. Although it is usually a back up but I will find evidence to give myself leverage in a confrontation first and foremost, everyone has a darker side after all. Should the target be clean, I will find another method to give me leverage. Bribing guards to turn the other way when I come wandering in, hostage taking and note leaving. All perfectly good methods of getting what I want. If that should fail, I aim to remain unseen by anyone. They can't raise an alarm if there is nothing to be alarmed about. But, when it all comes down to it, fighting is usually the easiest, and sometimes the most fun, way to get what. Direct assaulting using augmentations and underhanded tactics. Being a nice guy in a fight gets you no where, fast.

Survival Training: Another group of skills I have acquired through the few years he has been collecting. A camp fire can be created using only a few materials, of which I have learnt how to harvest effectively. A decent meal while on the run can make all the difference to having the strength to fight or continue running. Cooking on an open fire is usually a little different to cooking in a fully functional kitchen, yet I can turn a few different dishes out depending on the meat or vegetables I can acquire. Hunting these beasts comes as a skill in its own. Stalking the prey, and making no sound when approaching must be practised.

Primary picture: krlosz7
Second picture: cruzerblade
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