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Author Topic: Battle of Fortune's Gambit  (Read 3354 times)

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Re: Battle of Fortune's Gambit
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(OOC: Sorry! I missed what was going on in the thread and that it was my turn. Work and life was pretty busy.)

The soldiers in the area thinned as they moved, and the sounds of conflict grew distant. But it did sound like there was fresh conflict from the rear—the same general direction they had come. The flanking division had come at last.

As Alfred, Percival, and Kisa advanced toward the thief he gradually slipped toward the back and took a rearguard position. Partly due to the combat behind, and partly due to the tactic in his mind. Better to let the others confront the thief head-on while he did some skulduggery. All he needed was a few seconds and a clear shot, and the mage would be temporarily out of sorts. Or he could take the hard way, and preserve his cover.

Alfred sighed. It was a simpler life to be an employed butler. He was getting too old to learn how to ply his trades in this new way.

"I'd rather assume that he is competent and be disappointed in how easy it was to get the better of him, than assume the opposite and die for it. Meager though my life is lately, I'm still partly attached to it." Alfred's smile was half smirk. He thought it amusing that he, as one who ended lives professionally, didn't want to die. A paradox perhaps.