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Copyright Notice
« on: June 25, 2013, 03:28:22 AM »
Copyright Notice

Here at Hidden Realms we do not condone any sort of theft whatsoever. We do not allow bandwidth theft, aka Hot-linking, without permission from the person that owns the bandwidth source. We do not condone plagiarism and/or presenting artwork created by someone else as your own work. These are both considered "intellectual properties" in their own right. As a general rule of thumb to stay safe, if you didn't create it, give credit to the author when possible. Simple as that. And no, it doesn't count if you didn't create it but it is in your photobucket album.

If you post someone else's work illegally or deliberately misrepresent yourself in the "Out Of Character" forums, you will be banned from Hidden Realms permanently and irrevocably.

None of the following are permitted:

  • Pictures that you claim are of you, but are not.
  • Artwork that you claim you created, but did not.
  • Text, partial or whole, written by anyone other than yourself, that is not properly credited.
  • Links to downloadable copyrighted music.
  • Deliberately seeking to mislead community members about your true person.

Liars get found out. Save yourself and us the trouble, please, so we can keep Hidden Realms the excellent, friendly community that it is!

Now, what we do allow is the use of published images as avatars, so long as the image is not hot-linked from another website and the person displaying it does not falsely claim to be it's creator. We do not demand that each member give credit on the forums to the artist of these images nor do we demand that only images that are designated as "Attributive Images" be used as avatars. Such a thing would be impossible to police, but that is not the reason we allow it.

We allow it because these images are simply on display and were available to the public for personal use. They achieved that status by being officially published by their creator. Taking an image and displaying it on Hidden Realms is no different than cutting a picture out of a magazine and taping it to your bedroom door. The image is simply on display for all to see. It is not being used for gain, personal, professional or monetary, nor is it presented as anyone's work but the creator's.

Generally most images are not taken from their actual creator's site, but are taken from other websites, where they were displayed for any number of reasons. Images traverse the web faster than spam-bots. Everyone that uploads an image to the internet should know this. That is why those who do not want others to take and display their images either state it clearly on their site, disable the viewers' ability to "save image" or both.

At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with displaying a published image for your own personal use. It harms no one. Furthermore, it is not the responsibility of Hidden Realms to keep track of where every avatar image originated. That said, we will not allow blatant plagiarism or bandwidth theft.

For your own sakes, those of you who are artists or would-be authors, should look into copyrighting your images prior to posting them on the Internet if this concerns you.

We understand that almost everyone uses copyrighted images be it for their avatars, signatures or in their profiles.
For us the distinction lies in claiming that such artwork is your own. If at all possible, it wouldn't hurt to show where your images have come from.
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