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Author Topic: The Long Road Out Of Eden  (Read 854 times)

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The Long Road Out Of Eden
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Volume One; Pride

Chapter 1; The Battling Samaritan
1. Lost? - Returning home to Elentári for the first time in many years, Kyne stops briefly to help out some strangers in a battle.
2. Discovery and Adventure (ES Guild) - Journeying onwards Kyne comes across the stricken Emerald Sentinels, and once again stops to lend a hand.
3. Fury in the Storm (ES Initiation - Kyne) - Davin, Guardian leader of the Emerald Sentinels, tests Kyne's mettle to see if he is worthy of the title of Guardian.
4. Lone Traveller - On his way north Kyne meets, among others, Reece Fay in the forests, and journeys with the group for a while until they spot a convoy of merchants under attack and lend their aid. Once the battle is over Kyne receives a message about the death of Queen Livana and the succession of King Gathodel from an unknown benefactor, and hurries to aid in the resistance.

Chapter 2; Deep-Rooted Convictions
5. Whispers in the Trees (Rebellion Formation Thread) - Kyne rallies the rebels with the aid of Lord Turin Thandúil, but the meeting is broken up by Gathodel's men and Kyne is captured.
6. Burning in the Eye of the Storm (Rebellion Thread) - An imprisoned Kyne meets the catboy Aerin, and the two plan their escape, before being released by Lord Turin and told of Gathodel's assassination.
7. The Turn of the Tide - Kyne fights for the rights of the Wood Elves in the forests, but this time the battle is of a different kind, one fought with words.
8. Drinks, Drunks, and Darkness - Kyne discovers the truth about his ancestry and meets the Half-Elf Ganek, before participating in a bar fight.

Chapter 3; Memory Lane
9. An Unlikely Alliance (ES Initiation - Jord) - Kyne tests Jord to see if he is worthy to become a Guardian of the Emerald Sentinels.
10. Suppressing Opposition - Lord Turin sends Kyne on a mission to Telri, to hunt down the leaders of the Loyalist Remnant. However, as the ranger escapes the fortress he is surprised to meet some old 'friends', resulting in a battle that burns down much of the manor.
11. Mad Science! - Kyne becomes obsessed with the implications of his recent encounter, and takes his leave of Lord Turin in order to travel to the Emerald Sentinel headquarters in search of answers. However, on his way he meets some friends in need of aid with a certain lycanthrope problem, finding the information he sought in the most unlikely of places.
12. Scoundrel to Sentinel (ES Initiation - Aerin) - As Kyne and Aerin journey through the woods the catboy makes his decision to join the Emerald Sentinels.

Chapter 4; Just Honing Some Skills (Summer and Winter Tournaments)
13. Danny McNick vs. Kyne Stormchaser
14. Kyne Stormchaser vs. Viachant
15. Kyne Stormchaser vs. Delasoul
16. Vyse/Avy vs. Ganek/Kyne

Chapter 5; Enlightenment
17. Climb Every Mountain... (ES Initiation) - Kyne and Aerin journey high into the mountains of Khalar in search of the Grand Temple of Talos and the shrine that can unlock the hidden power in his sword.
18. A Warrior's Training - Kyne meets up with Arayala again and learns the ways of Talos from High Priest Ranadraug. With Ara's help he undergoes many trials to prove his worth and devotion to Talos.
19. Unfinished Tales - Kyne tells the story of the path that led him from Captain, to Templar, and finally to his apparent death and fall on Tura.
20. Flesh and Faith (KS Creation Thread) - In an effort to purge Vracnor's forces before they learn of his death, Kyne leads the forces of Articulo Mortis in a devastating attack on a band of heretic Templars who have taken over the southern island of Tarsis. The battle not only destroys the town, but rips the guild apart as old bonds are broken and new fellowships are formed, resulting the creation of Krigare Själ. However, Kyne himself is cast down in the process, his fate left unknown.

Volume Two; Wrath

Chapter 6; Resurrection
21. Memoirs of a Shade - Kyne relates his experiences upon the isle of Tarsis, and the discovery of his new found abilities.
22. Return to Life - Kyne, along with Ganek clad in the form of Sharash, goes in search for the shard of the shattered soul blade Zetsumei in the lawless city of Narim, resulting in the freeing of Ganek from his human form.
23. Asgurd's Betrayal - Returning to Tura to recover leadership of Krigare Sjal, Kyne and Ganek are attacked by the White Legion, a group of holy warriors sent by Asgurd. After fending them off Ganek returns Kyne to Narim at his request with a mighty lob.
24. Shackled and Bound - Apparently Ganek's aim has a little to be desired - as do Kyne's landings for that matter, and the Elf finds himself imprisoned by pirates. Fortunately he now has a few tricks up his sleeve...

Chapter 7; Ancient Callings
25. Marauders at Market (ES Guild Wars) - Through a weird fluke of phasing which accidentally launches Kyne temporarily back in time, the Elf meets the ES Guild Wars team in Narim, where they have stopped for supplies, and finds some interesting scrolls on a darkened market stall.
26. Return of the Stormchaser - With the help of old friends and new, Kyne completes the ritual to reconnect his soul to the world of Eldanar.
27. Old Bonds (KS Initiation Greylock) - Kyne returns to the ruins of Articulo Mortis' mansion with Elhadron to think on the recent changes in his life before uncovering some of the finer subtleties to his new powers.
28. Serpent in the Grass - Having come to terms with his past Kyne returns home to Elentari for the first time in many months, but is surprised to encounter an old associate with whom he is less than friendly in the temple of Selune.

Chapter 8; Renewal
29. To Barter Requital (IL Initiation - Eosyn) - A drunken night in Miriel with an acolyte of Faelyn launches Kyne into an unexpected adventure to uncover the schemes of a murderous merchant clan.
30. The Watering Hole (KS Guild) - The forces of Krigare Själ stop in Taure briefly to gather supplies before heading out on their quest to sustain their fortress. Amonst the festivities, Kyne is unexpectedly reunited with an old flame.
31. In Battle We Trust - The Inquisition head to Westwood in order to plunder the resources of an abandoned Eris mine.
32. Interregnum - Ten years on, Kyne has brought together a band of vigilantes in the Westwood of Elentári, but is all as it seems?

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