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"Captains of the old order clinging to the reins, assuring us these aches inside are only growing pains, but it's a long road out of Eden."

[i.] -- Overview:

Player: Kyne
Full Name: Kyne Nauraethor Arodir Thandúil
Titles: Lord, Captain
Alias: Stormchaser
Race: Wood Elf
Origin: Loriath; Northwood; Elentári
Age: 275
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic-Good
Occupation: Mercenary/Freedom Fighter
Class: Eldritch Ranger
Lineage: House of Thandúil (Legitimised Bastard)
  • Second Cousin Once Removed to Lord Turin Thandúil
  • Nephew to the Late Queen Livana An’nayne

[ii.] -- Possessions:

"He was tall, smiling, and wrapped in armor and swords. All the markings of a hero, she thought wryly, and was quite unsurprised when, several moments later, he agreed to join them on their little expedition."
~Ode Sparrowman~

[a.] Weapons:
  • Sword of the Guardian
    -- Blade Length: 90 cm
    -- Overall Length: 120 cm
    -- Weight: 1.8 kg
    -- Classification: Enchanted Longsword
    The weapon bestowed upon all Guardian's of the Emerald Sentinels, this is an ornate sword, the blade heavily engraved with the motto of the guild. It is usually used as a ceremonial sword, but is perfectly functional as a blade. It is enchanted with fairy magic to hit harder and faster than a normal sword.
  • Fírambar
    -- Translation: Mortal Fate
    -- Range: 210m
    -- Draw Weight: 30 kg
    -- Length Strung/Unstrung: 120 cm/180 cm
    -- Weight: 1 kg
    -- Classification: Composite Recurved Shortbow (Masterwork)
    Kyne’s bow was made by the master artisans of the Order, and was gifted to him upon attaining the rank of Captain. As a composite bow it requires a lot of strength to draw, but that combined with its recurved structure makes it very powerful.
  • Arrnaklina
    -- Translation: Storm Light
    -- Blade Length: 20 cm
    -- Overall Length: 35 cm”
    -- Weight: 0.5 kg
    -- Classification: Dagger (Masterwork)
    Kyne stole this masterwork dagger from a rich merchant before he left Tarsis. It is of exceptional quality and carries a faint blue sheen.
  • The Knife of Danny Mc'Nick
    -- Blade Length: 15 cm
    -- Overall Length: 25 cm
    -- Weight: 0.5 kg
    -- Classification: Knife
    Kyne won this knife from Danny Mc'Nick in the first round of the summer tournament. It is of exceptional quality, almost perfectly balanced, and its unusually sharp blade is crafted of fine steel. The solid oak handle bears a fine carving of a seahorse designed to fit around the wielder's hand.

[b.] Armour:
  • Studded Leather Armour: Kyne picked up this suit of studded leather armour in Tarsis, it is not really one outfit, but more an amalgamation of several pieces of armour which he has found convient. The shirt is of studded leather in the standard style, with boiled leather spaulders and a pair of Shor'Jhys gauntlet bracers. The leggings are of flexible but tough leather, with the added protection of boiled leather cuisses and greaves, and he also wears a pair of steel toe-capped boots reaching two-thirds of the way up his shins, the left of which contains a dagger sheath. The spaulders, bracers, cuisses, and greaves are all backed by a thin steel plate, additionally, he often wears a pair of fingerless leather gloves.

[c.] Accessories:
  • The Thandúil Amulet: Gifted to Kyne by his father when he left home, amulets of this kind are worn by all direct male descendants of Nólaheru Thandúil. Indeed, it was only due to this heirloom that Kyne was able to discover his heritage. The amulet is bronze and bears the symbol of an oak tree crossed with a bow and arrow.
  • Emerald Cloak: Gifted to Kyne upon becoming a fully fledged member of the Emerald Sentinels, this deep forest green cloak bears the same silver, maple leaf clasp worn by all Emerald Sentinels, and has brown inner lining for camouflage in non-woodland situations.
  • Survival Gear: Small leather pack, leather belt with storage pouches, tinder box, hunting/meat knife, waterskin, 50' rope in a coil, whetstone, scabbard, quiver of arrows.
  • Utility Blades (10): Kyne keeps a number of these light weight, multi purpose blades about his person at all times, hidden amongst leather grips inside his cloak and other clothing. At first glance they appear merely to be thin bladed throwing daggers, with a metal rod instead of a hilt and grip. However, on closer inspection they are capable of performing much more varied tasks, i.e. climbing pitons, grappling darts, etc.

[d.] Visible Effects:

  • Kyne is typically seen wrapped in his thick, tattered looking cloak, which he wears over his suit of studded leather armour, along with a bracer on each forearm. The Thandúil amulet hangs around his neck on a leather thong, often concealed beneath his tunic, and each of his hands bears a fingerless leather glove. His arms hang ready at his sides where he wears the sword of the guardian in a scabbard on his right hip, and on his belt he carries a covered hunting knife at his left hip, besides which are several pouches containing various herbs, his tinder box and other survival gear. His boots reach halfway up his calf, the left of the pair holding the knife of Danny Mc'Nick in its sheath, and on top of his cloak he wears a small pack which sits comfortably besides a quiver of arrows, about which is slung the bow 'Fírambar'. The dagger 'Arrnaklina' is usually secreted somewhere about his person in easy reach, often strapped to the side of his chest under his right arm.

[iii.] -- Appearance:

"He has a face you don't forget easily. The kind of face you want to put a fist into."
~Major Eric Korvannon~

Height: 185 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Hair Colour: Dark auburn, verging on black
Eye Colour: Green

By conventional standards, most would consider Kyne handsome, although his good looks have been somewhat tempered by over 150 years of conflict. He stands tall with an athletic physique that belies his active lifestyle. Facially his features are striking. His square jaw and sharp cheekbones, as well as his long waves of unusually dark auburn hair make for a strong impression. He shaves when he can, but his life on the road usually keeps him with at least a covering of stubble peppering his olive skin. When he speaks, his confident tone often comes across as arrogance. Nevertheless, the deep, musical quality to his voice has often sufficed in convincing men and women alike to follow him at times when sense would have had them do otherwise. His body bears the marks of his many battles, two of which have left him with distinctive scars - one across his stomach and one on the back of his left shoulder. He is left handed and this old wound will sometimes give him some pain in his sword arm.

[iv.] -- Personality:

"Kyne? He's a great Guardian, and Ranger, and Captain. Yes, I couldn't be more happy about that.
Just a note to all female Sentinels - when he's drunk its every decent pixie for herself..."
~Elian Failee on Kyne as an Emerald Sentinel~

Kyne's journey through Entar has been a long one, fraught with danger and heartbreak. He has experienced betrayal, ascension, death and rebirth and through all of this what has remained closest to his heart is his homeland. He is a true wood elf of the Elentari forest and it is here that he has chosen to remain for the last decade or so, protecting the common folk from bandits and battling the forces of Uhai, occasionally in cooperation with his contacts in the Royal Guard.

His relationships with the Gods is as complex, or some might say as simple, as ever. Livana plays the most active role in his daily life as a guardian of the wilds. He trusts in her neutrality and expects neither mercy nor quarter from the forest. Selune's influence, though present, is diminished. Kyne has grown older and comfortable in his own company. He feels that the romances of yesterday belong in the past and no longer pursues companionship as aggressively as in his youth. Talos on the other hand will likely always have a part to play in Kyne's story, battle being one of few constants for him. Indeed, if Kyne's respect for any diety has grown in the past years, then for Faelyn, whose kindness has found greater meaning for him in recent times.

The fact is, that along each of the many roads that Kyne has walked, one thing has remained the same - he is a man born to help people. Even to the point that he has been labelled a 'hero' of sorts in the past. There have even been ocassions when he has been so diligent in his perceived 'duty' that he will go so far as to 'rescue' people who perhaps do not even need or want to be saved. That said, his intentions are never anything less than honourable, and he remains steadfast in his fight against evil, something he will root out with ruthless fervour wherever he finds it. It is in part the Elf's own inner fire and conviction in his path that make him such a superb leader of men. It is an instinctive part of Kyne's nature for him to take charge of others. He is a born leader, and likely always will be, ever ready to unite people against a common enemy when danger threatens. His easy manner of conversation naturally ingratiates trust and both his charisma and his friendly attitude are infectious, encouraging people who would normally be more introverted to loosen up a little. Though this usually works to his advantage, it has gotten him into trouble on occasion. Though this playful side to the Elf, which many of his friends have come to know and love, still remains alive and well, it is not as exaggerated as the loud personality of the young man from the days of the Order. Age has brought a certain level of maturity and sophistication to the man, and while he still enjoys a party as much as ever, he is often more than happy to simply sit back against the bar with a drink while he watches things unfold around him.

Since taking part in the rebellion against the late King Gathodel, Kyne's faith in 'the system' has been thoroughly shaken, and where he once fought for good irrelevant of its vessel he is now much more prone to questioning the nature of any governing system. This is mainly due to that fact that since witnessing first-hand the corruption that can grow within an administration, even in one that had until then maintained a happy equilibrium for many centuries, Kyne no longer believes that such an arrangement can remain untainted indefinitely. Indeed, having now had the opportunity to observe such an organisation from the inside he has come to the conclusion that corruption and deceit will infiltrate any governing body, no matter how good its initial intentions were. It is not by our intentions that we are measured; but by our actions.

[v.] -- Skills:
  • Warrior: Having trained under his father, the masters of the Order, and the Templars of Talos, Kyne is well versed in the ways of combat, particularly when fighting with a simple blade such as a sword or dagger. He is an experienced battle hardened warrior, canny, resourceful, and capable of using the landscape to his advantage. When wielding a blade one handed his fighting style emphasises speed, grace, and precision rather than raw power. His motions are fluidic and expend as little energy as possible. The main advantage of fighting like this is that it leaves Kyne a hand free to use magic or another weapon, at the cost of a significant reduction in the power he is able to put behind the blade.
  • The Bladesong: When wielding a blade with both hands Kyne makes use of 'bladesong' techniques he learned during his time with the Order. This fighting style places heavy emphasis on forms, a set of adaptable stances, strikes, and parries. The combat style takes its name from these, as bladesong practitioners can often be seen to sub-consciously mouth the names of the forms as they fight, appearing to be singing the words to a song only they can hear. Similarly to Kyne's one-handed style, the bladesong places great importance upon balance and grace. However, rather than emphasising light motions and economy of movement, bladesong forms are much more about power, and seeking to dominate the duel through force. This style aims to beat the opponent into submission with wide powerful strikes, redirecting the force of their own blows back against them and not allowing them any room to fight back.
    Where another swordsman might stay on the defensive and only counter attack when an opening appeared in his opponent's defence, a bladesinger would not be nearly so measured. Immediately after defending against a foe's strike they will seek to follow with an attack of their own, not only counter-attacking but pressing their assault and forcing their enemy back into a position where they are trapped. An unfortunate side effect of this is that the immense forward momentum generated by the swordsman can lead to a lack of mobility, and if their opponent is able to move around them they will take longer recover than normal. Another weakness of this style is that the constant ferocity can only be maintained for so long and requires swordsmen of great strength and endurance to be applied effectively, but for those who are able to pull it off it is a powerful weapon.
  • Archery: Kyne is skilled in the use of many forms of ranged weaponry, including thrown weapons. However, he specialises in the bow, the use of which he has mastered over the years. He can easily hit most targets, rapidly fitting another arrow to his bow and loosing it at another. In the case of thrown weapons his skill is reduced substantially.
  • Survival and Stealth: Originally a ranger by trade, Kyne has all the skills you would expect to go with it. He is able to conceal himself from view in the underbrush of the wilderness and to walk silently whilst stalking his prey. He is also adept at finding, disarming, and placing traps and can follow tracks and survive in the wild under his own skill, he also has a good sense of direction. He is a skilled climber, and can scale walls and trees alike, able to move silently in the branches of a woods or upper levels of an urban area in order to find a better vantage or quietly remove a guard.
  • Riding: Kyne in an adept horseman, able to easily guide his steed across rough terrain at high speeds. He can fight effectively from horseback, guiding his mount with his legs enabling him to make use of both hands.

[vi.] -- Abilities:
  • Regeneration: After Kyne has been injured he can enter a deep sleep where his recovery rate is greatly increased, his wounds will heal faster and any illnesses or toxins will be fended off more easily. While Kyne is using this ability he will be almost impossible to awaken for several hours. If he is woken up early he will be in a very distracted state and unable to focus on anything for about an hour to two hours, he will also experience severe pains for forty five minutes or so afterwards.
    High Priest Ranadraug helped Kyne to discover that this was actually a latent psionic ability, and he has learnt to control it to a point where he can come out of the trance under his own volition with no harmful side effects. However, he will still suffer the same symptoms if he is woken without going through this process. He has also developed it into a constantly active passive regeneration, but this ability is still erratic as he learns to control it, normally just healing minor cuts and wounds, although it has regenerated more significant injuries once or twice.
    Specifically, this ability has been known to work well in conjunction with Kyne's fire magic as a catalyst due to his natural affinity for the element. For example, during the events of 'Mad Science' Kyne took an arrow wound to the shoulder, but was able to heal it to the point where he was able to function by forcing fire energy through his body. This sealed the wound in an eruption of brilliant orange energy, as well as helping his body to knit back together due to its resonance with the element of fire. However, he was left very drained, and a scar remains to this day.
  • Inner Strength: Kyne has an inner strength which his body draws upon in times of need. This allows him, to a certain extent, to shrug off things such as physical injury, fear and mental strain, and can drive him to continue where others may give in to their wounds or turn back. After performing feats using his inner strength Kyne feels the full, and often increased, effects of his exertions. The degree to which this occurs depends upon the original level of strain Kyne has been put under. Note, this is a psionic ability similar in nature to his regeneration.
  • Magical Sensitivity: Kyne experiences sensations similar to that of an approaching storm when near and around magic or magical fields and when directly touching magical items. This also works as a type of 'sixth sense', making Kyne's 'gut feelings' and hunches very reliable. These sensations can unnerving at times and can cause Kyne to become distant and distracted. This ability is also rooted in psionics.

[vii.] -- Knowledge:
  • Templarate/Order Training: Despite all its various cloaks and guises the Order was an army bred to destroy evil, and as such Kyne received all the training you would expect of a soldier. He is physically very fit, with unusually high levels of strength, endurance, and coordination. He knows how to handle a variety of weapons, and is well-versed in most basic forms of martial combat, including hand-to-hand. Having been a Captain of his own company Kyne is also an experienced leader. On top of all this, the training he underwent with the Templarate of Talos has developed these skills even further.
  • Well Travelled: Kyne travelled across much of Entar for many years, and has a broad general knowledge of its various lands. Most of what he knows is based around the northern kingdoms of Elentári, Khalar, Valgard, and Andúnë as these are where he has spent the most time.
  • Healer: Kyne has a basic knowledge of herb lore and field medical skills, allowing him to tend to his companion's wounds and illnesses. A side effect of this is that he is a reasonable cook.
  • Literate: Kyne is able to read and write in each of his spoken languages.

[viii.] -- Magic:

"Of course healing magic alone is never enough. Yet to also have to be able to mess around with fire and wind and lightning...
Some people just don't know when to stop. As if anything's more awesome than sparkles."
~Elian Failee~

Arcane Magic - Fire Bloodline: Kyne has been through several tumultuous events in his life, many of which drastically altered the nature of his being and naturally also his relationship with magic. After the phantom ritual tied his soul back to the realm of Eldanar the power he wielded came directly from the energy of the land itself. Over the last decade this effect has gradually dwindled to the point that he could be concealed finally 'healed' of the phantom affair. Today Kyne's magic has returned to the same nature he was born with, the same magic he honed during his training with the order, elemental magic derived from his fire bloodline. This manifests as pyrokinesis - the ability to produce and manipulate flames, the only exception to which being his ability to combine fire with air on occasion to produce lightning. Kyne is also able to rejuvenate himself by drawing energy from nearby sources of fire.

Below follows a brief outline of typical elemental powers used by Kyne:

Name: Firebolt
-- Type: Fire
-- Casting Time: Short; requires brief period of focus beforehand.
-- Casting Method: A quick throwing motion of the hand to give direction to the spell. Requires a gathering of power beforehand and mental focus to acheive.
-- Range: Long; roughly one hundred and twenty metres, can be extended with effort.
-- Area of Effect: Small; twenty centimeters in radius or smaller as desired. Larger areas could be achieved with more power.
-- Duration: Short; flies through the air until impact.
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Low, increases with frequency and size. This spell is simple and doesn't require very much energy or focus unless attempting a longer range or a larger blast. A longer range, wider blast area, or greater intensity of flame would require significantly more energy. This spell is mildly tiring to perform.
-- Description: A bolt of fire flies from the caster's palm, creating a small explosion on impact.

Name: Fireball
-- Type: Fire
-- Casting Time: Medium; requires a few moments to build up power.
-- Casting Method: Power is built up and concentrated in the palm of the hand before being unleashed at the target.
-- Range: Long; roughly one hundred and twenty metres, can be extended with effort.
-- Area of Effect: Large; six meter blast radius.
-- Duration: Short; flies through the air until impact, explosion can be prolonged with effort.
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Medium; a typical spell, but more advanced than a simple firebolt.
-- Description: The caster builds up a dense sphere of fire in their palm, before launching it through the air where it erupts in a large explosion upon impact.

Name: Lightning Bolt
-- Type: Fire/Air
-- Casting Time: Long, requires several seconds of focus.
-- Casting Method: Both hands are required to gather multiple elemental energies from the surrounding area.
-- Range: Short; produces a thirty five meter line starting at the caster.
-- Area of Effect: Medium; covers a long path in front of the caster, about a meter wide and thirty five meters long.
-- Duration: Long, continues for a number of seconds, maybe even as much as a minute with great effort but this would be a struggle.
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Large, requires significant energy to produce.
-- Description: Placing both hands together the caster gather fire and air energy and combines them to produce a large bolt of lightning.

[ix.] --Strengths & Weaknesses:

    [a.] – Social:
  • Kyne's easy manner of conversation seems to naturally ingratiate trust, and socially people find him fairly easy going and laid back, although a little intense at times. Indeed both his charisma and his friendly attitude are infectious, encouraging people who would normally be more introverted to loosen up a little, and this usually works to his advantage although it can get him into trouble on occasion. When he speaks with conviction it shows in his voice, and he can put in courage into the most terrified of men. He is an exceedingly loyal friend, and has a winning smile.
  • Social: When Kyne gets an idea in his head he often grabs hold of it with both hands without thinking, and this has a habit of pitching him into difficulties that could have been avoided with a little forethought. He also tends to show-off, and is very trusting, although less so now than in the past, which can leave him open for betrayals and the like. He is also fairly merciless when it comes to dealing with what he considers 'evil', and this can be a little intimidating at times for people who do not know him.

    [b.] – Career:
  • Career: The skills Kyne has developed over the years, as well as his long experience in their use, greatly aid him in his working environment as a defender of the Elentari woodlands. Most notably, his combat skills, and his talent as a leader of men.
  • Career: Kyne isn't actually employed and for the most part has to provide for himself. Furthermore, there are those that see him more as a vigilante (or even a terrorist) than a hero.

    [c.] – Racial:
  • Racial: As a Wood Elf Kyne is highly dexterous with acute hearing and vision. He has a great affinity for nature and the outdoors, and is highly skilled when it comes to all manners of survival in the wilds.
  • Racial: Kyne's slender Elven build makes him weaker and more susceptible to physical damage than people of other races, forcing him to rely on skill and dexterity for defence.

    [d.] – Combat:
  • Combat: Kyne is a highly talented archer, a skilled swordsman, and is also able to make use of his magic in combat (see skills and magic). On their own each of these skills would be a point of concern to his enemies, but not overly so. However, together they make for an extremely potent combination.
  • Combat: In melee combat Kyne tends to lead with his left leg and to strike high, he also will tend to go for his opponents head at the start of a fight to finish them quickly. Being left-handed his defence is slightly weaker on his right, and in his aggression he will sometimes tend to neglect his lower defence. This can leave him especially vulnerable to opponents of a shorter stature or when fighting with smaller weapons such as his daggers. Additionally, he has a habit of coming in too close to an enemy on his strikes. If someone knew these things they could use them to their advantage when fighting him, also a veteran fighter may spot these traits enabling them to play upon them. Also when using two weapons together, such a sword and a dagger, Kyne finds it difficult to use both at once due to his single minded nature, and will often merely use one to support the other, limiting the effectiveness of this technique.

    [e.] – Intelligence:
  • Intelligence: With a nudge in the right direction Kyne will sometimes come up with truly brilliant ideas, he is also a quick thinker enabling him to spot things others might miss.
  • Intelligence: Being a rather up front and honest kind of person, Kyne has a very head on approach to most things, and while he is capable of thinking more deviously, he does this best when working with someone else to play devil's advocate. Kyne has also had no classical education other than that he received from his parents.

[x.] --History:

"Kyne? He means well. Tries very hard. Just what he's trying to do is sometimes less clear, but I've never known his intentions to be less than honorable."
~Elhadron ed Sîralen~

[a.] Pre-RP History:

Kyne was born in the lands of house Loriath in the Northwood of Elentári, the only child of a forest ranger and a mystic wise woman. Unbeknownst to the child, his father was truly the illegitimate son of Lord Fëanor Thandúil and a commoner woman, whom the Lord had been forced to conceal or face disgrace. However, after making sure the mother and her son had enough money to live comfortably, as a parting gift Lord Fëanor had passed down a Thandúil amulet to his son as tradition dictated, that someday the boy might rediscover his noble heritage.

Kyne’s family lived remotely, deep in the forest, and so as a child Kyne rarely had other children of his own age to play with. Instead he would often accompany his father on his ventures into the woods, and under his father’s tutelage Kyne’s natural talent quickly developed him into a skilled young ranger. When he reached adolescence Kyne began to accompany his father to the larger settlements which he would travel to periodically, and whilst they were there Kyne would often find himself drawn towards the areas where the passing mages gathered. He found he would experience a strange mugginess in the air as he got closer, similar to the building of static in the atmosphere before a thunder storm; this was where the magical sensitivity of his Elven blood first began to manifest itself.

As he started to grow into an adult Kyne also began to have strange and sometimes unnerving dreams, snapshot images and ambiguous visions which frequently seemed to play out in the events of the next week or so. Eventually Kyne confided in his mother about these intense scenes he was seeing in his sleep and she explained that this must be the first signs of some unknown arcane affinity in him. In light of this she began to teach him some basic elemental magic, and Kyne developed some skill in this area, particularly at manipulating fire. Kyne felt that all this must mean something deeper, having had always had a desire to be something more and to have an opportunity to fight the forces of evil in Entar, and so when he came of age he decided to set out on a journey to seek his true destiny. His parents accepted that this was the path he had chosen for himself, and gifted him some basic gear to set him on his way, including the family amulet.

After about fifty years of travelling Entar adventuring, Kyne met a Human named Jared. They came to be good friends and travelled together for some time, until one day Jared came to Kyne telling him he was a member of a secret fellowship whom he referred to only as 'The Order'. Jared told Kyne that this Order devoted itself to fighting evil everywhere across Entar, he told him that they sent out veterans like himself to find people with the natural talent, tenacity, and dedication they required. People like Kyne. Jared recruited Kyne to the Order and brought him to their hidden fortress in the mountains of Khalar, where he received elite training and with his natural skill rose quickly through the hierarchy to the rank of Captain in command of a company of archers.

Jared was often off away from the fortress, on special assignments or recruiting more individuals that showed promise to bolster the ranks of the Order. However, although he and Kyne were not often able to see each other they still remained close friends over the years. It was in the Order that Kyne found the mage Lelya Illdrianne, the love of his life. As it often is with true love, the pair at first appeared to hate each other, arguing whenever they met. Nevertheless, in time they grew together and came to love each other with a great passion.

Twenty-one years later Jared came to Kyne telling him he must go quickly to their Commander with information on a great advantage against the enemy which must be taken at all costs, and so the command was given to empty the fortress and march for the Underdark. Upon their arrival the Order did battle with a great host of Orcs, Drow, and other vile creatures, but they were all betrayed, for the man Jared was truly an agent of evil and the battle was a trap. In the ensuing slaughter the Order was left rent and destroyed, and during the battle Jared himself sought out Kyne and slew the Elf's entire command nearly killing Kyne himself. The ranger was only saved by the intervention of Lelya, who stopped Jared before he could finish Kyne, and in the process lost her own life. In his anger Kyne gained unknown strength and speed, and in a furious and deadly combat cut down the traitor Jared himself.

Few of the company escaped that day, and many were slain or carried off into slavery. Those that did survive scattered and went their separate ways, vowing never to speak of this day again. Even now, decades later, Kyne blames himself for the slaughter and Lelya's death.

For a long time Kyne wandered the lands, selling his services as a scout and guide, until one day he was found by Jared, whom he had thought to be dead, slain by his own hand. The traitor had been resurrected by his evil master, who was not finished with him, his machinations not yet complete. Once more Kyne and Jared fought, but Kyne had grown stronger since they had last met, and when the traitor found he could not defeat him he fled. So began Kyne's hunt for Jared, knowing that the man would return for him, and next time with his foul followers to ensure his victory. Tracking the traitor over all terrain Kyne persevered in his relentless persuit, until finally our story brings us full circle to the woodlands of Elentári once more...

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[b.] Roleplays:

Volume One; Pride

Chapter 1; The Battling Samaritan
1. Lost? - Returning home to Elentári for the first time in many years, Kyne stops briefly to help out some strangers in a battle.
2. Discovery and Adventure (ES Guild) - Journeying onwards Kyne comes across the stricken Emerald Sentinels, and once again stops to lend a hand.
3. Fury in the Storm (ES Initiation - Kyne) - Davin, Guardian leader of the Emerald Sentinels, tests Kyne's mettle to see if he is worthy of the title of Guardian.
4. Lone Traveller - On his way north Kyne meets, among others, Reece Fay in the forests, and journeys with the group for a while until they spot a convoy of merchants under attack and lend their aid. Once the battle is over Kyne receives a message about the death of Queen Livana and the succession of King Gathodel from an unknown benefactor, and hurries to aid in the resistance.

Chapter 2; Deep-Rooted Convictions
5. Whispers in the Trees (Rebellion Formation Thread) - Kyne rallies the rebels with the aid of Lord Turin Thandúil, but the meeting is broken up by Gathodel's men and Kyne is captured.
6. Burning in the Eye of the Storm (Rebellion Thread) - An imprisoned Kyne meets the catboy Aerin, and the two plan their escape, before being released by Lord Turin and told of Gathodel's assassination.
7. The Turn of the Tide - Kyne fights for the rights of the Wood Elves in the forests, but this time the battle is of a different kind, one fought with words.
8. Drinks, Drunks, and Darkness - Kyne discovers the truth about his ancestry and meets the Half-Elf Ganek, before participating in a bar fight.

Chapter 3; Memory Lane
9. An Unlikely Alliance (ES Initiation - Jord) - Kyne tests Jord to see if he is worthy to become a Guardian of the Emerald Sentinels.
10. Suppressing Opposition - Lord Turin sends Kyne on a mission to Telri, to hunt down the leaders of the Loyalist Remnant. However, as the ranger escapes the fortress he is surprised to meet some old 'friends', resulting in a battle that burns down much of the manor.
11. Mad Science! - Kyne becomes obsessed with the implications of his recent encounter, and takes his leave of Lord Turin in order to travel to the Emerald Sentinel headquarters in search of answers. However, on his way he meets some friends in need of aid with a certain lycanthrope problem, finding the information he sought in the most unlikely of places.
12. Scoundrel to Sentinel (ES Initiation - Aerin) - As Kyne and Aerin journey through the woods the catboy makes his decision to join the Emerald Sentinels.

Chapter 4; Just Honing Some Skills (Summer and Winter Tournaments)
13. Danny McNick vs. Kyne Stormchaser
14. Kyne Stormchaser vs. Viachant
15. Kyne Stormchaser vs. Delasoul
16. Vyse/Avy vs. Ganek/Kyne

Chapter 5; Enlightenment
17. Climb Every Mountain... (ES Initiation) - Kyne and Aerin journey high into the mountains of Khalar in search of the Grand Temple of Talos and the shrine that can unlock the hidden power in his sword.
18. A Warrior's Training - Kyne meets up with Arayala again and learns the ways of Talos from High Priest Ranadraug. With Ara's help he undergoes many trials to prove his worth and devotion to Talos.
19. Unfinished Tales - Kyne tells the story of the path that led him from Captain, to Templar, and finally to his apparent death and fall on Tura.
20. Flesh and Faith (KS Creation Thread) - In an effort to purge Vracnor's forces before they learn of his death, Kyne leads the forces of Articulo Mortis in a devastating attack on a band of heretic Templars who have taken over the southern island of Tarsis. The battle not only destroys the town, but rips the guild apart as old bonds are broken and new fellowships are formed, resulting the creation of Krigare Själ. However, Kyne himself is cast down in the process, his fate left unknown.

Volume Two; Wrath

Chapter 6; Resurrection
21. Memoirs of a Shade - Kyne relates his experiences upon the isle of Tarsis, and the discovery of his new found abilities.
22. Return to Life - Kyne, along with Ganek clad in the form of Sharash, goes in search for the shard of the shattered soul blade Zetsumei in the lawless city of Narim, resulting in the freeing of Ganek from his human form.
23. Asgurd's Betrayal - Returning to Tura to recover leadership of Krigare Sjal, Kyne and Ganek are attacked by the White Legion, a group of holy warriors sent by Asgurd. After fending them off Ganek returns Kyne to Narim at his request with a mighty lob.
24. Shackled and Bound - Apparently Ganek's aim has a little to be desired - as do Kyne's landings for that matter, and the Elf finds himself imprisoned by pirates. Fortunately he now has a few tricks up his sleeve...

Chapter 7; Ancient Callings
25. Marauders at Market (ES Guild Wars) - Through a weird fluke of phasing which accidentally launches Kyne temporarily back in time, the Elf meets the ES Guild Wars team in Narim, where they have stopped for supplies, and finds some interesting scrolls on a darkened market stall.
26. Return of the Stormchaser - With the help of old friends and new, Kyne completes the ritual to reconnect his soul to the world of Eldanar.
27. Old Bonds (KS Initiation Greylock) - Kyne returns to the ruins of Articulo Mortis' mansion with Elhadron to think on the recent changes in his life before uncovering some of the finer subtleties to his new powers.
28. Serpent in the Grass - Having come to terms with his past Kyne returns home to Elentari for the first time in many months, but is surprised to encounter an old associate with whom he is less than friendly in the temple of Selune.

Chapter 8; Renewal
29. To Barter Requital (IL Initiation - Eosyn) - A drunken night in Miriel with an acolyte of Faelyn launches Kyne into an unexpected adventure to uncover the schemes of a murderous merchant clan.
30. The Watering Hole (KS Guild) - The forces of Krigare Själ stop in Taure briefly to gather supplies before heading out on their quest to sustain their fortress. Amonst the festivities, Kyne is unexpectedly reunited with an old flame.
31. In Battle We Trust - The Inquisition head to Westwood in order to plunder the resources of an abandoned Eris mine.
32. Interregnum - Ten years on, Kyne has brought together a band of vigilantes in the Westwood of Elentári, but is all as it seems?

Casual Threads
What Do You Mean it's a Kraken?
200 Metres in the Air; Danny vs. Kyne - Round 2

Character Sheets
Kyne Mk. I
Kyne Mk. II
Kyne Mk. III
Kyne Mk. IV
Kyne Mk. V

[xi.] -- Acquaintances:

"Kyne is the puppet master and the mob of mortals are the puppets, watch as he pulls the strings and leads his wayward flock."
~Ganek Cystacae; The White Terror~

  • Name: Lord Turin Thandúil
  • Stance: Good, Trusted
  • Relationship: Liege Lord/Distant Relative
  • Notes: Kyne has worked both for and with Lord Turin on many occasions in the past, most recently during the Rebellion, shortly after which it was discovered that Kyne was an illegitimate descendant of the Thandúil line. Since then Turin has helped Kyne on many occassions, providing financial backing and even allowing him to house guild troops in his native city of Taure.
  • Name: Davin Ragal
  • Stance: Good, Respected
  • Relationship: Colleague
  • Notes: Kyne met Davin when he joined the Emerald Sentinels, he finds the man something of a kindred spirit and they are good friends, although it has been almost ten years since the two saw each other.
  • Name: Reece Fay
  • Stance: Good, Casual
  • Relationship: Friend
  • Notes: Kyne and Reece met on the road and journeyed together for a while before collectively defending a merchant caravan from an attack of an unusual nature.
  • Name: Elhadron
  • Stance: Good, Trusted
  • Relationship: Conspirators
  • Notes: Kyne met Elhadron at the Rebellion’s first meeting in the Leithran groves, and the Drow led the team to break Kyne out of jail when he was captured by the Loyalists. Since then Kyne helped Elhad free the lycan prisoners from the underdark in 'Mad Science!', and more recently the Dark Elf took part in the effort to save the man's life by orchestrating his reconnection to Eldanar. Kyne sees Elhadron as one of his closest friends, similarly to Ganek, although the relationship is different, and the Drow is one of the few people the Wood Elf is likely to admit weakness to when he truly requires aid.
  • Name: Arayala
  • Stance: Good, Loyal
  • Relationship: Comrades
  • Notes: Kyne first met Ara at the Rebellion’s first meeting in the Leithran groves, he only spoke with her very briefly but he found she reminded of Lelya an awful lot. Since then the pair trained together at the Temple of the Ruby flame, and grew somewhat closer, although she is still cold with him. Since then she journeyed with Kyne and Elhad to the wastes in Old Bonds.
  • Name: Aerin
  • Stance: Good, Thankful
  • Relationship: Cellmates
  • Notes: Kyne met Aerin while imprisoned by the loyalists, the catboy was willing to help Kyne escape from jail and has earned the Elf's gratitude. Kyne recruited Aerin to the Emerald Sentinels and the catboy helped him find the Temple of the Ruby Flame.
  • Name: Decado
  • Stance: Bad, Distasteful
  • Relationship: Political Enemies
  • Notes: Kyne met Decado at the Council of the Crown meeting to decide the fate of Elentári, he bears a strong dislike for the human and his philosophical views.
  • Name: Ganek Cystacae
  • Stance: Good, Brotherly
  • Relationship: Brothers in Arms
  • Notes: Kyne first met Ganek at the Council of the Crown called to decide the fate of Elentári, and they have since fought together numerous times, including working together to defeat Jared and Vracnor. Since then the pair laid the foundations for the creation of the the guild of Krigare Sjal, before returning to reclaim leadership of the organisation once Ganek had been freed from the body of Sharash. Kyne sees the man as the closest thing he has to a brother, and they have both laid their lives on the line for each other numerous times.
  • Name: Danny Mc'Nick
  • Stance: Hostile, Mocking
  • Relationship: Enemies
  • Notes: Kyne first met Danny briefly through Ganek at a bar in Highwood, a while after which he fought the man in the first round of the Summer Tournament where he totally humiliated the man in his defeat and to add insult to injury stole one of the smith's knives. Danny has sworn to kill Kyne if it is the last thing he does.
  • Name: Saro
  • Stance: Neutral, Unsettled
  • Relationship: Rescuers
  • Notes: Kyne first met Saro when they worked together with Elhadron to free the prisoners of the Drow in 'Mad Science!'. Kyne is not entirely sure what to make of the small man, but directed Saro to some friends he thought may be able to help him.
  • Name: Ode Sparrowman
  • Stance: Good, Thankful
  • Relationship: Proffesional
  • Notes: Kyne first met Ode when they worked together with Elhadron to free the prisoners of the Drow in 'Mad Science!'. Since then she save Kyne's life, helping tie the ghosting Elf back to reality, and Kyne is very grateful for this.
  • Name: Thomas Evans
  • Stance: Neutral, Irritated
  • Relationship: Rescuers
  • Notes: Kyne first met Thomas when they worked together with Elhadron to free the prisoners of the Drow in 'Mad Science!'. Kyne found the man's arrogance and short sighted attitude rather irritating, and would not choose to work with him again if he could help it.
  • Name: High Priest Ranadraug Estefiles
  • Stance: Good, Reverent
  • Relationship: Mentor
  • Notes: Kyne fought with Ranadraug when the Half Elf was a Major in the Order, and indeed he was the only Major to survivie that day. More recently, Kyne and Ranadraug were reunited at the temple of the Ruby Flame, the Templar was impressed by Kyne and took him on as an apprentice. Kyne trained under Ranadraug for some time, and came to see him as a mentor until the day the priest was slain in Lelya's attack on the temple. Kyne has since made peace with the man's death, an understanding which has deepend his connection to Talos.
  • Name: Kaida
  • Stance: Good, Intrigued
  • Relationship: Cellmates
  • Notes: Kyne and Kaida were imprisoned together in 'Shackled and Bound', the Dracon is very grateful to Kyne for freeing and feeding her when he escaped.
  • Name: Tobias Rieper
  • Stance: Good, Friendly
  • Relationship: Colleagues
  • Notes: Tobias teamed up with Kyne and Kaida to escape in 'Shackled and Bound'. Since then he has become an officer in the Illuminati of the guild, and he and Kyne enjoy each other's company.
  • Name: Elian Failee
  • Stance: Good, Friendly
  • Relationship: Colleague
  • Notes: Kyne first met Elian at the creation of the Emerald Sentinels, but they never truly got to work together until the events of Marauders at Market. Since then she helped perform the ritual to tie him back to reality, thereby effectively saving his life. He sees the pixie as a trusted friend, if a little flighty.
  • Name: Luna Mara
  • Stance: Good, Respected
  • Relationship: Colleague
  • Notes: Kyne first met Luna at the creation of the Emerald Sentinels, but they never truly got to work together until the events of Marauders at Market. He sees the Elf as kin as far as their race, and trusts in her intelligence and magical skills.
  • Name: Kisa Watere
  • Stance: Neutral, Patronising
  • Relationship: Colleague
  • Notes: Kyne first met Kisa in Marauders at Market, he sees the girl as naive but well meaning.
  • Name: Alastor
  • Stance: Neutral, Grateful
  • Relationship: Strangers
  • Notes: Kyne first met Alastor in the events of Return of the Stormchaser, where Alastor helped perform the ritual to tie Kyne back to reality. He is thankful to the man for aiding him in his time of need.
  • Name: Zyrphath
  • Stance: Neutral, Grateful
  • Relationship: Strangers
  • Notes: Kyne met Zyrphath in the events of Return of the Stormchaser, where the Avatar helped perform the ritual to tie Kyne back to reality.
  • Name: Korvannon
  • Stance: Hostile, Bitter
  • Relationship: Old Enemies
  • Notes: Korvannon holds a grudge against Kyne for a lost battle twenty years ago, he blames the disaster that occured that day on the Elf.

[xii.] -- Additional Notes:

This is the updated HR 2.0 version of Kyne. Most is taken from his most recent sheet, with some changes to more reflect the original, classic Kyne Stormchaser. Mostly stripping things out.

Images credit to Saimain

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Re: Kyne
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2017, 11:43:54 AM »
Very concise (for a long-time established character) yet without skipping the many details that add a lot of flavor and witness Kyne's history in Eldanar. It's less verbose than I would have expected for a character of such OOC age, but seeing as it contains everything I want to know and it has these little references back and forth throughout the sheet which I find delightful -- for example the quote attributed to Korvannon -- I find the lack of verbosity to be very positive.

I've always been a sucker for the RP-chronicles-kind of thing, and it is no exception here. Annealing Kyne's history after the fact, as others have also strived to do (and as we are striving to do with the Library), is a touch I like a lot.

Kyne strikes me as falling on the stronger side of the spectrum, more or less in every possible term, but I also see weak scales in his armor so to speak. Kyne's weaknesses aside, it is only natural for a character of some age to develop their skills and accumulate more power, for those who take their characters in that direction, and I find his relative power to be no hindrance.

Being an already existing character, Kyne is strictly speaking not subject to requiring a formal re-approval. It is nonetheless good to see an update to the character sheet, and I'll let my comments here be nothing more than comments for the sake of reaffirming our appreciation for well-made characters and character sheets. However, if a re-approval in light of "HR 2.0 Revised Standards" was your goal, this post will count as such approval.
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Re: Kyne
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Thanks Zyr. Concise, but complete was definitely what I was going for. I look forward to writing with him again. :)