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« on: February 26, 2017, 11:45:51 PM »
At Hidden Realms, we have a real time chat that users are welcome to use in order to congregate and talk about RPs, or just generally get to know their fellow RPers.

We use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as a service, and it can be accessed via various clients.  Most commonly people use mIRC on Windows machines and xchat on *nix systems, though the latter will work on windows (There are, much like and software, many different ones, these are just some suggestions from ones that I have personally used).  For those who want to access the chat from a machine where they are not allowed to install new software, there is an online client that works very well called mibbit.

While we will leave the majority of learning the IRC ways up to the users, here are some of the basics you will need.

The address for our server should be accessible via the name and you should use port 6667.  Once connected to the server, you should perform the following command:
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/join #hiddenrealms
This will have you join the main channel on which we converse.  If you need assistance with anything related to HR, you can do:
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/join #help
We will attempt to have staff their as much as we can, and you can ask them anything you need about the site, or the chat etc.

A word of caution about the IRC, we generally use colorful language, and often have gentle barbs among friends.  While we try and keep things civil and safe on the forums, we cannot (and in some cases do not want to) police the IRC.  We do own the server, so we can issue bans etc for appropriate reasons without having to go through a service admin.  If someone is being overtly abusive to anyone, they should contact Davin or Zyr.

One final note about the mIRC client.  It will always request you register (and thusly pay for) the product.  If you simply wait when you start it up, the continue button will make itself available.

We hope you will come in and talk with us at some point!
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