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The High Seas
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The High Seas


The High Seas, or rather the Azrae Ocean is not a nation as such, but has some notable areas.  Deep sea voyages are only starting to become a larger thought about topic since the original colonisation of Entar by Humans from the east.  Deep sea voyages are dangerous and attempts to return to the east have never returned to date.  As such typically ocean voyage does not stray to far from the coastal areas of Entar, out to certain respected points.  This made another natural barrier to the Southlands.  While it was not unheard of for a daring buccaneer to risk the trip and succeed, it was generally accepted as too much of a risk for navies to attempt.

Add to this the area known as Sailors Bane.  A jagged and uncharted region of sea littered with reefs, under-sea volcanic activity and harsh visual conditions.  Also speculated to be the home of various vicious sea creatures in the spinning of yarns by old sea dogs, this region is steered clear of by all but the most intrepid of sea farers, but not impassible to the cunning and sharp witted.  The Bane stretches far enough out into the ocean that going around it would require a deep sea voyage, and equally daunting task with the currently under developed, but now gradually improving naval technology of Entar.

North of the Bane is the Bay of Daltina, a veritable hub of sea trade for the northern nations, and a portal fro trade with the Outskirt nations.  While prosperous and patrolled by the Andúnese naval forces, it is not without the ris, housing the ghostly port of Narim.

Major Cities

The Ocean has little in the way of settlements, other than the ships that sail on them.  While not strictly a nation, there are no major cities.

Other Towns and Cities

Again, as mentioned, the Ocean is not a nation, but a notable area of Entar.  To this end there is not a quantifiable settlement.  However, there is one place of note that is considered a settlement.

  • New Narim: While not a town, New Narim, once known as Brilhaven, is a flotilla of various ships tethered together forming a settlement that can drift with the whims of the tide, or break up and move to a location.  Traditionally formed for fear that the Royal Navy would not be able to protect the traders, the merchants formed the flotilla town to establish some protection to them and their trade.  Since the fall of Narim, Brilhaven has taken over as the pirate haven of Entar.  The surviving pirates siezed the flotilla during the confusion following the fusion of Krietas.  With their pirate vessels as protection, the flotilla now generally stays connected, with clever riggings for navigational change.  With the ebb and flow of the ocean, the pirates maintain this haven safe from the navy, who are now taxed elsewhere.

The Ocean

The ocean is a frontier for the brave and seaworthy.  Much remains undiscovered, including tidal caves and ruins, and what the horizons hold.  All fear to venture west to date, with the old stories of the west land.

What follows are notable parts:

  • The Bay of Daltina: An area where many used to pass, but now it is sailed with care.  Since the destruction of Narim, most traders will skirt the area, venturing only as close to shore as necessary.  While it is generally thought that the dead town of Narim is quarantined, many a sailor tell tail of ghostly vessels in the bay.  It is unknown if this is born of the rich sailor imagination or holds a hint of truth given the state of Narim.  Contrary to the last however, given the relocation of the pirate state, while skirting the bay, traders are less harassed by buccaneers than they used to be, averaging out as a safer trade route when they pirates are back on New Narim.
  • Sailors Bane: Only deep sea vessels are untroubled by this area of the Ocean.  Near the Maw of the Dead in the Southlands, this area of coastal water comes between the northern nations and the south.  Coral, underground volcanic activity from the Zurgas region and unpredictable fog make this area dangerous even for seasoned salts.  However, the area is both traversable and charted.  While an unlucky sailor can get damaged in an unexpected upspurt of volcanic activity, or become victim to the fog, the coral has been mapped extensively, ensuring coastal trade north and south.  An experienced sailor who has made many runs will be able to navigate the area even in the fog.  Deep sea berths have the luxury of skirting the region entirely, but face the dangers of the deeper ocean.


Other than national interests in the waters and their trade, no true organization is pure home to the sea, other than the pirates of New Narim.  They are loosely governed by the most prominent pirate captains, styling themselves as the pirate kings.  There is little rule to New Narim, but you don't generally cross the pirate kings.  Otherwise authorities police their own shores as best they can against all threats.


  • Original Concepts & Write-ups: Solia, Vyse and Korvannon
  • Revised Edition: Davin Ragal & Zyrphath