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Re: Davin Ragal - The Silver Dragon
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[I.] Prologue

A cry can be heard.  Not audible, barely even tangible as sound.  It is not the cry of a babe, nor the cry of a an animal in need of help.  Nor is it any cry that can be heard in any quantifiable way.  It is a cry that is heard only by those with ears that listen to the deeper things in life.  As it echos, it starts a momentum, a purpose.  Something both legend and a story beginning.  It is both shockingly instant and timeless.  All that follows in its wake are whispers and echos.  Histories and people blur past in its wake, but one story is told true.  One story is clear among the madness of the spirit.

[II.] Schematics

-: Name: Davin Ragal.
-: Aliases:
 The Silver Dragon - Given as his designation on becoming a Myrmidon
 The Argent Knight - Given in servitude as Lady Ataleu's personal Knight

-: Gender: Male.
-: Race: Myrmidon.
-: Apparent Age: 32. As a Myrmidon, Davin is longer tied to mortality of men.

-: Bloodline: Dicaspia.  Davin is probably the last son of the Dicaspian line, having been raised as a Ragal.
-: Family: None other than Lady Ataleu.
-: Origin: Andune, the city of Miriel.
-: Residence: Fort Gungnir, Illyian Tundra.  Formerly Castle Illyia

-: Organizations: Spirit Blades.
-: Political Stance: Liberal.
-: Political Affiliation: House Dicaspia.

-: Religious Stance: None.
-: Deity: None.
-: Alignment: Chaotic Good.

-: Lineage: Though ignorant for the better part of 28 years of his life, Davin is in actual fact a hidden son of the Dicaspian line, kept secret and under false parental name in order to save him from being hunted and potentially having one of the last sparks of the Dicaspian heritage snuffed out by religious fanatics.

The Dicaspian - Ragal Connection

Sáranér Dicaspia
Little is known about this Full Blooded High Elf, and what happened to him.  An Inquisitor’s Report shows that he did indeed have an offspring, though the mother of the child died shortly after Childbirth.  He was the Brother to Lady Ataleu Lantasíriel Elutirio Dicaspia, who was at the centre of the Roschade Incident.


Elrohir Arcamenel Séregon
The Full Blooded High Elf, offspring of the Dicaspian line was nearly captured by the Inquisitors on many occasions during his youth.  It was noted that he became an avid follower of Maedhros before having a child with a priestess of the Dark One.  In later life he was captured using the name Séregon, a respected but relatively insignificant family who had died a number of years before.  During trial administered by the Head Inquisitor, it was found that his child was also using the assumed name, but had turned away from his Father.
Elrohir was originally named Fëanáro Arcamenel Dicaspia.


Haldamir Ragalios.
Investigation hit a wall with this part of the line.  The Half Elf, originally called Lólindir Elrohir Séregon was thought to have integrated himself into human society, and nearly fifty years the Inquisitors searched with only scraps of clues.  Upon the second promotion of a High Inquisitor, the investigation was reopened, still viewed as a priority. Several years later, Haldamir, an old man at the time was tried and executed.


Dornivald Ragal.
The Investigation drew to a frustrated end.  There was no way for them to trace any possibility of family, despite the gibberings of the aged Haldamir indicating that he may or may not have a son.  The name came up several times in interrogation, Taurnil Ragalios.  The line is believed to have become almost entirely Human.
Taurnil was in fact given over to adoption, the only open clue left to be discovered was that the assumed name was similar to that of the old.  The Inquisitors still search for clues, but the priority of eliminating this Dicaspian line had faded somewhat with time.
Dornivald had, through cunning means, managed to ascertain much information on his own line, tracing back to the Séregon name, but had ceased when he discovered the danger, and had kept his lips sealed.


Davin Ragal.
The last Son of the Dicaspian line, Davin was raised under his Fathers adopted name.  This has protected him for most of his life from the fanatics that swore centuries ago to purge the Dicaspian line from Entar.
Had his lineage remained in the open, he would have been called Davin Taurnil Séregon Dicaspia
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Re: Davin Ragal - The Silver Dragon
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[III.] Character Details

An important part in terms of understanding the Swordsman, here you can read about his afflictions, personality and appearance.

[III.I] Afflictions

Over the years on the road, in battles both conventional and supernatural, the Swordsman has picked up many wounds, of a nature one would expect of one who made his living through battle and defence.  These scars and potentially debilitating markings are dwarfed by more complicated and supernatural afflictions that the Swordsman has picked up.

-: Soul Fusion: This unique curse, or magical ailment completely changed the Swordsman in his mentality, focus and even physical appearance.  His life became a mass of complexities when this curse was placed upon him.  When seeking out revenge against his nemesis, Davin was actually being lured into a trap that would change everything.  His nemesis, Ramirez, skilfully lured Davin into a bizarre ice complex hidden deep within a mountain on the border of Khalar and the Illyian Tundra.  Within this lair, the foul monster that made Ramirez into the creature he had become lay in wait.  His goal was to bind Davin to Ramirez such that with a bit of necromantic spellcraft, he would have the beginnings of an army of these complex paired soldiers.  While Ramirez submitted willingly to this process, Davin did not.  The work that the Lich of the Tundra was performing he had tried many times on Ramirez and another budding warrior.  The problem was he needed someone who was a match in terms of Ramirez' strength of will, or close to.  Others lacking in this had died in the experiment.  Ramirez then came up with the idea of using Davin.  The process had only partially succeeded, and as such Davin had his soul fused to Ramirez.

The original point of the fusion was thus:  The two tethered beings are theoretically immortal, as long as one remains alive.  There are some caveats to this perk, which are covered later.  The intent of this was that after finding and fusing several candidates, the Lich would judge the strongest, and the weaker of the two would be stashed, frozen in a magical stasis in the Lich's lair.  This would likely be against their will.  The stronger of the two would server in his immortal hoard, thus making him a power to be feared, for nothing short of an all our assault on his highly defensible ice labyrinth.  While a moot point, as Davin escaped, Ramirez was completely unaware that there was a chance he would not be selected to serve as the Lich's champion.  The Lich was also not concerned with the subservient nature of his chosen soldiers, as he had spent several decades perfecting the art of breaking a mans will down, and building it back up as he chose.

With the experiment on Davin, something happened they did not expect.  His Myrmidonic Spirit awoke, and while unaware of it himself, Davin began to instinctively reject the magical matrix while the Lich, overly complacent of his dominance over the restrained warrior, did his work.  In a surge of will and spirit, which almost incapacitated the Swordsman, Davin broke his confinement and the Lich's attempt to mentally dominate him.  Unfortunately the soul fusion was complete.

It is true that as a result, Davin cannot be killed very easily.  However, without the skills of the Lich of the Tundra, or someone with equally advanced arts in a restorative school of magic, if Davin were to be 'killed' the likelihood is that his body would begin to decay beyond repair before his soul could be tethered back into it.  As a Myrmidon, Davin can listen to the voice of someone's will and spirit.  With the tether, this means sometimes Davin will be overwhelmed by Ramirez' voice.  He can be tormented by this.  Finally when in close proximity to Ramirez, the magically enhanced warrior can with some effort exert a certain level of dominance over the Swordsman with shear force of will across the Soul Fusion.  Equally, this could be a skill Davin could take advantage of, but he has not the basis of knowledge that his old counterpart has access to, so he cannot in his present level of ability.

One final side effect of the Fusion which has small consequence: Davin's appearance changed that day.  Only a couple of features about him changed, but enough that those may no longer recognize him.  His once rich chestnut hair went a dusky grey-argent hue, and his bright green eyes became slate like, flecked with silver.

Davin initially thought this was a mixture of stress from the fusion and with him gaining similar traits to his nemesis, Ramirez.  It later became apparent that a combination of the magic and Davin's spirit force caused the awakening of long dormant Dicaspian genes in his body.  While Davin is Dicaspian by blood, long have some of the more dominant features of the Dicaspian line have long since become dormant in the blood.  This magically mutative process awoke them and caused them to take a more dominant role in his physical make-up.  The gene's awakening and mutating did not change anything other than his physical appearance.

-: Shadow Wound: During his earlier years after foregoing the mercenary life, Davin found himself in a panicked battle in an ancient grove of the Elentari woodlands.  He was pitched against a stagnant evil that manifested itself as a shade or specter.  Davin was woefully under prepared for this conflict, as his mundane weapon was never designed for combating this creature.  The outcome was at the time a bit of a mystery, for while his blade could not vanquish the specter, it could be kept at bay with licks of steel.  Ultimately the creature found a weak point.  While in no way debilitating, Davin had a shoulder wound that was heavily scarred.  Somehow the creature managed to infect this weakness in his body.  At the time, the only apparent difference was a dark mark on his shoulder, and the shade seemed to have vanished form existence.  Often Davin would feel a chill in the wound but otherwise nothing seemed different.  While initially a concern, it quickly became forgotten.

After a while, it became apparent that this was not a simple wound.  Aspects of the shade could ultimately surface.  The could never do more than take control of Davin's arm, and never for more than a few minutes.  Davin decided to investigate the issue after it surface while his arm was threatened during a volatile clash with Ganek Cystacae.

He spoke to some of the best experts in disease and phenomena he could find throughout the lands, but all confirmed one fact:  The creature had been weak to the point of 'death' when Davin encountered it.  It had taken up a forced residence within his being and ultimately was recovering.  The most disturbing aspect was the fact that it was slowly going to be battling for control in order to ultimately re-assert its existence through Davin.  Many gave him advice on fighting the beast within, but all told him the same thing.  They could not remove it.

For in fact years, Davin managed to keep the creature at bay, and the mark on his shoulder where the stagnant spirit had invaded did not spread.  Then there came the day Davin was forced to go up against an Avatar in one on one combat.  Davin was only coming into his own realisation of the Spirit Abilities of the Myrmidon, and as such was no match for the might of the hand of Valadriel.  Finally the Avatar impaled Davin, a blow that would have killed any mortal man.  This is when the shade made its desperate ploy.  The creature had been lying dormant, gathering itself.  While Davin thought he was keeping it at bay, it was simply gathering might in the background in order to make a vicious takeover.  When it saw its own potential future coming to a slow painful end, it acted furiously.  The creature took full control, morphing and taking its shadowy shape around him.  It fought without thought, with a malicious brutality.  Its only selfish act of compassion was to preserve the Swordsmans life.  Once danger was over, it retreated back within to regain its strength.  Now Davin knew it was only a matter of time before his life would be exchanged for its.

Normally at times of great stress, or injury, the creature will begin to bubble out, presumably because it has a desire to protect its host.  If Davin cannot redouble his will he will likely transform into the rampaging creature, which will attach friend or foe alike until it expends its energy and is forced to return within.

While it expends a great deal of energy in these transformations, experts that Davin consulted theorized that with each transformation the creature will unlock more of its potential, and while it may be countless years, ultimately their will be a final transformation, leaving on the shade, and Davin Ragal will be no more.

Unbeknownst to the swordsman, Zyrphath the Shadowking can unlock and control the creature provided some of it has surfaced.
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Re: Davin Ragal - The Silver Dragon
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[III.II] Personality

Serious.  Davin Ragal has mostly been known in the past as being no nonsense, perhaps even lacking in humour.  After the Soul Fusion he became distant and cold.  He even allowed boundaries to grey.  While a young mercenary captain, he had always viewed things as black and white.  He was an honourable man, and always willing to wade in to protect the weak and defenceless.  After witnessing so much injustice in the lands, so much pain and suffering, veiled from the common citizen, and after travelling with such personal burdens bearing him down, Davin started to recognise the fact that while there still is a 'greater good', the lines between good and evil are in no way as clear cut as his naive self.  He became withdrawn and cold, seemingly lacking in compassion.

While in servitude to his Lady Ataleu, The Silver Jewel of Dicaspia, Davin even performed some questionable actions and developed some questionable reputations.  Despite what many may believe, he was always serving the greater good, and always fighting for the people.  What he saw in Lady Ataleu was much more than just a new family tie.  It was aiding something much bigger, and something much more likely to have the momentum desired to bring change to the lands of Entar.  During this time, Davin remained relatively cold and humourless.

Finally, after many trials and battles, after passing the various tests of the Myrmidon, Davin reached a heightened level of awareness of his place within the world, and his attitude has adapted with it.  Indeed like many who have walked a long burdened path, Davin is complex, often contradictory in his nature:

-: Serious: His attitude may have change quite drastically over the years, but Davin is still prone to being a little stern and serious.  He is no longer as cold or withdrawn as he was for such a long time, as you could say the relationships he has developed over the years have opened up his heart.  He will still slip into his serious nature, and is above all else, a professional.  So while he has changed, don't expect him not to still be serious over many issues.  It has been his natural way for most of his life.

-: Light of Heart: Perhaps a little contradictory to the above, but while Davin is serious professional, his fresher attitude means he can be heard making quips or jokes about aspects of the situation, usually when things look a little bleak.  Often these are a little on the sarcastic side, but usually at his own expense.  He is by no means a jester or joker, he is certainly not a prankster, but time spent with the light hearted Night Falcon (His Myrmidon mentor) has brought out a lighter side to the previously humorless swordsman.

-: Strong Moral Compass: While no longer bearing the naive lens of black and white on the world, Davin still has a firm belief and understanding of the greater good.  While he will occasionally still impulsively leap into a situation, especially to help those in need, he is no longer the rash believer in helping people no matter the cost.  He has a much greater respect for the evaluation of a situation before acting in the name of simple goodness.  He also understands that doing something morally undesirable is sometimes the best way of upholding the greater good.  In fact one of the strongest pro that attracted his mentor to him was the adoption of his motto that "...sometimes you need to get your hands dirty, so that others keep theirs clean...this is the second biggest sacrifice you can make".

-: Honor: Some things will never change.  Above all else, Davin has a strong sense of honor.  Even with his new attitude about sacrifice for the greater good, he will always meet honor with honor.

-: Calm: Possibly the greatest change to Davin's personality.  In the past the Swordsman could be quick to anger.  Not usually in a battle situation, but his temper was hard to keep in check.  Since his transition into a member of the Spirit Blades, Davin has found his attitude in terms of keeping his cool not only under pressure but also in frustrating or displeasing situations has become a paramount part of his character.  In these situations he is likely to become stern, perhaps a little cold, but he will always keep his calm.

-: Confident: With his Myrmidon transition and training, Davin has developed a new air of confidence.  Not to be confused with arrogance, but coupled with Davin's new found calmness, and his logical and tactical abilities, he can often appear very confident about the handling of situations (normally combat).  He also recognizes that simply appearing confident can sometimes tip advantage to your favor.

-: Tactical & Logical: While Davin is not so much a scholar, it does not mean he lacks knowledge and intelligence.  In the end of the day, Davin is very much a logical problem solver and tactical thinker.  He can be a great strategist, and problem solver, although these abilities revolve around combat, and do not apply to much else.   

-: Ruthless: While Davin retains his alignment of Chaotic Good, he has a brutal edge reflecting that of his new moral compass has emerged.  As he no longer sees the world in black and white, Davin will be ruthless at times to meet his goals.  This also aligns with the view of the Myrmidon as a whole.  He will use this when the goal out ways the cost, unlike his previous mentality where he would try to find another way when facing tough, brutal or ruthless choices.  It is all for the greater good, and it is better to stain his own hands than place the burden on another.

[III.III] Appearance

Outwardly, despite making the tasking transition into a Myrmidon, Davin still primarily looks like the Argent Knight who served at the feet of the Dragon of Dicaspia.  While a Myrmidon may be told to abandon their country, family or heritage when called into service, Davin will remain fiercely proud of his new found lineage.  To this end he will cling to unless the need would arise for him to leave it behind.  He often has his heraldry clearly marked on his clothing somewhere.  Davin tends to dress ready for battle always.  He wears clothes that allow motion and comfort.  While many warriors opt to wear armors that will block out and mute blows, Davin will wear no such thing.  He has always been a fighter of agility and quick strength over that of force or an unstoppable wall.  The most he will wear is a light leather armor, such as a jerkin, designed to minimize the impact of blows and reduce the severity of any injury.  Since become the Argent Knight, and more so The Silver Dragon, Davin has subconsciously dressed to fit the bill (He is not a stylist after all).  He is a relatively strong and athletic, and is quite young looking with relevance to his actual age.  Perhaps this is a result of the dormant Dicaspian gene's being activated during the Fusion of his soul, but either way he experiences no other benefits besides his relatively youthful appearance.

-: Facial Make Up: Davin retains a strong face.  A set square jaw, usually cleanly shaven.  He could be considered as classically attractive in this sense.  His eyes are as piercing grey-silver as they were when they were of a bright emerald hue.  His hair, while relatively unkempt in terms of length is usually restricted above the shoulder or shorter.  It is mainly a dusky grey in color, but holds a slightly eerie or fascinating argent shine to it.  Davin has relatively thin lips, which while used to constantly be held in a frown, or equally stern poise, and still are seen like this, can often also be seen in what might be described as a "smirk that is not a smirk".  With confidence and a lighter attitude, this could be considered to be Davin smiling.

-: Physique: Despite having been wounded in action many times, as is expected of one who has walked the life of a Swordsman, Davin is in excellent shape.  Ignoring the more sinister afflictions that have affected him over the years, Davin is strong and muscular.  He maintains the physique of an acrobat or athletic, rather than that of a body builder.  He has large muscles, but those built around endurance rather than burst of power.  Other than this he has a trim figure, and generally everything about him will scream to a opponent skilled in sizing up him that he is agile, athletic and fast.  Despite his tactical nature, Davin makes no attempt to hide the fact that he is a fast, acrobatic finesse fighter through his appearance.  He stands at 6' 1" tall.

-: Style: He may not be aware of it, but Davin dresses the part.  After being styled as the Argent Knight, he has kept that a common style.  In terms of colors he wears a lot of black, grey and silver.  He will normally wear a sleeveless leather jerkin that has been treated into a dark grey or black color.  Black or grey trousers are a usual feature, and a sturdy pair of strap up boots, black in color with gold buckles.  Davin has taken to wearing a long tailed coat over this.  It is padded with some loose leather padding treated to a grey with an argent sheen.  On the back is Davin's personal heraldry embroidered in silver threading.  If not where this, or in a more formal scenario, he will don a black cape with the same heraldry stitched on it.  As usual, he keeps his blade hanging in his scabbard at his left side.  He has a relatively dynamic sword belt of blackened leather with gold buckles, which can be worn on the waist or slung over the shoulder.

-: Markings: Aside from general scarring, Davin has three distinct markings, most of which are hidden beneath his clothing most of the time.

--: Shadow Wound: Initially something that was naturally spreading, since dominating the creature with in, Davin is left with the original mark.  It appears similar to a bruise in a multi-spiral pattern surrounding a vertical scar on Davin's left shoulder.  When under going the transformation process, this mark can spread again, but will recede again, assuming the creature within has not taken over full control.

--: Myrmidonic Tattoo: As per tradition, Davin has a brand of the Myrmidon on his inner left forearm.  This is always a blade, which is then adapted to suite the bearer.  Davin's is black and depicts a Dragon coiling round a longsword.

--: Dicaspian Tattoo: As a part of Davin's fierce love of his heritage, he had his own herald tattooed on his left shoulder.  It depicts a rampant silver dragon.

--: Spirit Markings: Another trait that affects the Myrmidon differently.  Common just called Spirit Marking, these manifest in different ways.  For Davin on his upper arms and legs, he has veins of a light molten silver colour.  These are generally hard to see normally, but as soon as any Myrmidonic power activates, these will glow a bright silver.  One unmistakable one is a starburst shaped marking on the centre of his chest.  This pulsates slightly as if glowing with Davin's own life force.

-: The Chaos Apparition: It is difficult to describe how the chaos apparition manifests itself.  It can be like a liquid shadow, flitting between forms.  Sometimes it can appear as simply a 'shade' version of Davin, other times it can take a different form completely.  The nature of this creature is such that when it takes over, it seems to be able to manipulate Davin into various forms.

When being fully possessed by the creature this is the most unstable form.  It will change often, and settle on either a Shade version of Davin or a smallish spectral Dragon.

[III.III] Possessions

Davin tends to carry numerous possessions, most small and many insignificant necessities of travel.  His general abilities of the Myrmidon mean, much like the others in the League of Spirit Blades, he can travel extremely light.  Davin can rely on a few smallish belt pouches, that sit round his back, in order to carry any small supplies he needs.  These tend to include flint and tinder, and various other small but relatively common travelers items.  Since becoming a Myrmidon, he does not require to carry nearly as much, such as rations.  Other than these and the clothing he wears, Davin has a few possessions of note.

-: i'loké Dicaspia
~Translation: The Dicaspian Dragon
~Classification: Specialist Longsword
~Blade Type: Distinct Double Edge, No Fuller
~Material: Mithril
~Length: Blade: 140cm, Total Length: 180cm
~Description: Referred to as "The Dicaspian" or "The Dragon" by Davin, this weapon is quite literally a one of a kind.  Forged under an ancient and regarded forbidden recipe, the blade was initially intended as the tool which will break the Soul Fusion.  The 'recipe' builds a tool of any kind, capable of capturing a single soul within it, and containing it.  Davin thought it apt to make a blade, given his past, and that of Ramirez.  While he has been sidetracked from hunting his nemesis, this blade will ultimately be used to cure the problem one way or another should he encounter his Nemesis.  Forged by an ancient master smith, the blade is composed mainly of Mithril.  That alone took Davin many trials to obtain.  The other items used were even rarer.  Artefacts blessed by the unruly and untamed powers of the Elemental Lords.  These temper the blade, and then a rare orb enchanted with several magical matrices is added in order to fashion the blades soul binding power.  The final ingredient that forges this blade, and is what makes it forbidden, is the blood of a victim.  While the recipe did not require the death of a victim, it required a lot of blood to allow for the blade to interact as a 'soul cage'.  Davin opted to use his own blood in the process, and nearly died in the forging of it.  The blade is almost unwieldy in its length, being in total almost as tall as the Argent Knight himself.  Despite this, it is a very easy to handle blade in the hands of a bladesman.  The Mithril composition lends to a very light weight, and in the right hands is as deadly as any long blade.  The Blade itself is long and tarnished red by the blood used in its magical forging process.  Ornate carvings were added to the blade, and the hilt, which is long enough to be wielded one or two handed, is finished as a silver Dragon wrapping as a fist guard around it.

~Abilities: The Dragon is not without its hidden powers, but as with anything of this nature, it comes with its drawbacks also.  The Dragon can draw from its forged resources in order to emit special techniques, but at a cost of energy drain.  Most such abilities are not yet uncovered, and as such the blade is mostly a fine sword, easy to use, and can damage where the mundane may not.
~~Bonded: Davin's own blood is in this sword.  As such it is very much bonded to him.  He can use it as a focus for his Myrmidon powers.  Not to any advantage as such, but as a focal point.  He can also use his Myrmidon ability to call to the blade, a return it to him without contact, over short distances.  Finally, the powers respond only to him.  If any were to try and wield the Dragon, they would find it cumbersome and generally unresponsive, in fact they would be unlikely able to even heft the blade, making it unique to Davin.
~~Soul Cage: The intended purpose for the blade, it can be used to trap the soul of a person for eternity.  It is a one time use, once a soul is trapped it cannot be performed again.  Even the destruction and reforging of the weapon into any other form will not yield a re-use, the core materials of the blade carry the taint of the soul, and no amount of reforging can remove the taint.  If the weapon is essentially evaporated or dispersed in some magical way, it will destroy the captured soul along with the materials.
~~Magical: While not holding much more power than the above, the blade is considered a magical weapon, and as such, any creatures immune to mundane weapons will be harmed by this blade.
~~Blessed: This adds nothing more than morale to Davin.  The blade itself has been blessed by Lady Ataleu of Dicaspia.                                                         

i'loké Dicaspia

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Re: Davin Ragal - The Silver Dragon
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[IV.] Knowledge, Training and Abilities

The true measure of any being is that which they know, can teach and achieve.

[IV.I] Training

Davin has trained as a mercenary for the better part of his life.  As such he has a lot of his training in martial prowess.  While it was a secret, his father was Knight of the Crown, and used on various secret maneuvers before he left.  With that, unbeknownst to Davin, he received an excellent education, even if schooled outside the academies or military recruitment in Miriel.  To such an end, Davin was schooled in the following from a young age:

  • Swordsmanship: Not only his greatest ability, Davin was always a natural with the blade.  Through his training he became adept, and through much experience in life, he because a master.  Any individual would be hard pressed to match him blade on blade only.
  • Tactics: Not just fanciful with the blade, Davin has learned the art of war.  He knows how to direct, command and judge a battle.  He knows that planning is but a small aspect of the field, as a good commander has a plan, a better one knows how to adapt.  Davin learned this the hard way when he almost lost his command at a young age, and has studied ever since.
  • General Knowledge: While a technically broad category, Davin has a trained eye, and this relates to his tactical skill, he differentiates terrain effectively, knows where and when to more based on environmental conditions, and most importantly knows when it is best to quite the field.  Such knowledge is not innate, it is seasoned, even in such a young individual.
  • Tracking & Nature: Not to the extent of a ranger, Davin has been taught by many hand on this subject, including wood elven trackers, the ability to follow signs in the wilderness, signs and sounds to look and listen for.  He is in no way an expert at this.

[IV.II] Abilities

Davin has lived a full life for his age, having seen much of the world, faced both horror and joy on grand scales, struggled with issues greater than himself.  Through all this he has honed abilities.

  • Swordsmanship: While he has trained in swordsmanship, Davin has both an aptitude for it naturally, and is a fast study in it also.  His agility lends to this, and it could be argued that he ranks among the finest in this ability in the entirety of Entar.  If nothing else, living is a testimony to his ability when one looks at all the dangerous situations he has been in.  Davin tends to fight using a bastard, or long sword.  He can both elegant and brutal, effective or crude as he chooses.  For most, the last mistake will be when they raise a blade against the swordsman.
  • Acrobatic Dexterity: Davin relies less on force, and more on a mix of force and dexterity.  He is exceptionally mobile in combat, even before realizing his talent as a Myrmidon.  He can move with leaps, rolls, tucks and various other moves, as needed.  He has also honed this ability while wielding a blade, remove the obvious danger of attempting such maneuvers in combat.
  • Shadow: Davin has a curse on him, the creature of shadow.  He cannot directly control transformation, and as such it is usually through preservation that the beast emerges.  When in such a state, Davin has no more control than a primal beast.  He has none of his powers, only the creatures raw ability.  If the creature gets injured, as does the swordsman, and as such death would have the same toll.  Unknown to Davin is the role of Zyrphath in this all, as the Shadowking has studied the creature, and knows how to draw it forth as a weapon for his will.
  • Leadership: Davin has an uncharacteristic ability for leadership.  It is hard for any to quantify, but even with the rough exterior, the seasoned warrior has an almost supernatural ability to influence those around him.  Many will follow in his ranks, many will trust him without much more than a few words of inspiration.  He is a natural commander, but has an uncanny ability to rally most to him.
  • Myrmidon: Davin gains some inherent abilities related to the spirit of the Myrmidon, which is covered later.

[IV.III] Knowledge

  • Smithing: Davin has no skill to craft, but a keen eye for equipment.  Perhaps less so than ever, as with ascension his reliance on most equipment has dwindled.  Regardless, Davin knows by eye the difference between good and poor forged blades, even some armors.
  • Language: From a young age, Davin was taught elvish, whether this was due to heritage, or simply because of interest, it is not known.  He can speak common and any dialect of Elvish, even the darker tongues.
  • Tactics: A studied hand of many battles with few or many, Davin is an adept a pitching a battle from a wall, on open field, sneaking from the woods.  He has learned much from study and experience.
  • General Lore: Once upon a time, Davin had a keen interest in the reading and recounting of tales, myths and legends.  While this is no longer something he does, the retained knowledge has its seed in the lore of the land, as such in many aspects he could be considered wizened to Entarian Lore, which has its uses.

[IV.IV] The Myrmidonic Skills

Upon ascension and realization of the Myrmidon within, Davin gained a new power to tap, which naturally comes with its own diversity and skills:

  • The Pool: Like a magic user, but not, a Myrmidon has a pool relevant to their spirit.  Spirit is much more akin to life essence than any magical energy, but is not entirely tied to the actual life essence of a being.  If the Pool is exhausted, the best case is that the Myrmidon is killed, worst is they go into a mad state, and as such are generally put to death on sight.  However, all possess this pool, but a Myrmidon may only succeed in using it, and be chosen if they have reserve large enough. Davin has an impressive pool of spirit strength.
  • Speed: Calling on his pool of energy, Davin can move at paces unfathomable.  He can augment general speed, or if using enough energy, practically close short distances in less than the blink of an eye.  This is a common trait among Myrmidon that Davin mastered early.  It can lend to his swordsmanship also.  This applies to reflex also.
  • Height: With augmentation of his ability, Davin can leap or fall from impossible heights.  Much like speed, this is augmented with spirit power, and the extent of the leap or fall depends on how deep the Myrmidon draws from his pool of spirit.  On a fall, they Myrmidon will seemingly impossibly slow their speed when appropriately close to the ground.  As there is a terminal velocity, this skill has a limit on the power required, as if the fall means you reach terminal velocity, then the remaining height is of no consequence to the draw on spirit.  That being said, many a young or fledgling Myrmidon has perished when they realized too late that they had not the extent of spirit to slow the fall.
  • Dominance: If desired, those of a weaker will can be rendered paralyzed if Davin exerts his Spirit power over them.  The stronger the will of the person the lesser the effect, and those strong of will will be able to shrug it off.

  • Perception: Davin was always highly perceptive and spatially aware, the Myrmidon's ability to hear the spirit voice enhances this, and augments his reflex and anticipation.
  • Magic Rejection: While all Myrmidon can expend spirit energy to combat any magic construct or matrix, and some cannot even control when, Davin has not only the control of this ability, but project it in a relatively small radius.  The extent of the radius to spirit energy is exponential with the feet from the core of the Myrmidon.  As such if one were in close proximity, nigh on embracing Davin, he could reject magics cast at him.  Like most Myrmidon, Davin experiences a drain on his spirit when a spell hits, relative to that of the cost of the caster to cast.
  • Magic Acuity: Both a Myrmidonic ability and experience, Davin can use his innate ability to detect magics being cast, and size up the relative power.  This used with his magical rejection allow him to accurately asses a magical threat.  While this may seem like a boon of great power, often this is used to asses whether he should should attempt to use his rejection or not, rather than simply judge and deploy the rejection field.
  • Magic Sensitivity: He cannot simply detect someone with magical abilities, but there are signs when a user begins any form of incantation, even allies.  It requires great focus if there is much casting occurring in order to pin point a threat, and any spell that has a short casting time or can occur basically instantaneously is impossible to detect in time, at least without conventional methods.

[IV.V] The Shadow

The abilities of the shade are detailed simply for reference, as Davin has no control of the creature, however Zyrphath can command it when it bubbles to the surface.  Some of its abilities mirror those of the swordsman

  • Speed: The creature can move with frightening speed, and brutal efficiency.  If one is caught off guard, the creature will be upon you with little warning.
  • Height: The creature can jump to impossible heights, and with the same speed detailed above.
  • Strength: The shade has unnatural strength and can literally tear a man to pieces if caught off guard.
  • Phasic: The creature appears wispy, as if it lived in the space between two realms and flitted rapidly between them, though this is unknown.  This can make it a hard target for range weapons, as it appears as an unsteady blur.

[V.] Strengths and Weaknesses

Like all, even those who have ascended, Davin has both strengths and weaknesses.

  • Social:
    • Strengths: Davin has a commanding presence, especially since the transformation.  His confidence is palpable, and he is a natural leader.  The combination of these is double, many are eager to follow him, and those who do normally form a quick trust and respect for him. His diplomatic training means he can subtly manipulate social situations if the opportunity presents itself.
    • Weaknesses: While his nature has improved, Davin still is gruff and stern, occasionally a little broody.  Carrying the burdens he has faced in life can often make him difficult at times.  Those who know him, know to simply let him be in these situations, but many will be put off when his dark moods take hold.

  • Career:
    • Strengths: Serving as knight to Lady Ataleu, Davin is an excellent guardian and soldier.  He is an inspiring leader, and has much tact when commanding.  A firm believer that a good commander takes care of his followers, and leads from the front.  With his diplomatic abilities, he is a versatile tool for both Lady Ataleu and The Spirit Blades.  As a Myrmidon, he tends to follow the lead of the enigmatic Midnight Falcon, his mentor who brought him into the Spirit Blades, and works closely with the lady known as Raven when necessary.
    • Weaknesses: Davin walks a dangerous line in career.  As a member of the spirit blades, he has to keep much to himself.  Despite his fierce loyalty to the Lady Ataleu, he must keep secrets from both sides.  This is a burden, as Davin is a forthright person, not given to subterfuge.  As the Spirit Blades are an organization with the express purpose of being a guiding hand to the lands of Entar, Davin often has serious conflicts as he also helps Ataleu with her political goals.

  • Racial:
    • Strengths: As Davin is no longer technically a human, having undergone the trials and fully unlocked his Myrmidonic power, he enjoys many benefits of being able to tap into his spirit.  These are detailed in the abilities section.  As fully fledged Myrmidon, he no longer is limited by the human mortality.
    • Weaknesses: While it is true that Myrmidon have access to great power, this in itself is a double edged sword.  Delving too deep into the pool of spirit can have serious consequences.  At best severe exhaustion can be crippling, especially for one who walks the martial path.  Even deeper and insanity can take hold, normally requiring a fellow Myrmidon to put you out of your misery.  Even deeper and death will be swift.  While it is true that a trained Myrmidon controls the exertion of their spirit powers, such things like magical assault can be highly unpredictable and is often just as deadly to the Myrmidon as the magic itself.
  • Combat:
    • Strengths: Before Davin was even a Myrmidon, he was a master of the sword.  Agile and dexterous, Davin has an edge in battle.  It is safe to say that his bladesmanship is known throughout Entar, and he likely ranks among the top of this talent.  It was only natural that his latent Myrmidonic powers developed to compliment this aspect of himself.  He has a deep knowledge of tactics and other weaponry, meaning he can lead in battle, and combat various different situations.  He is skilled in engaging multiple opponents at once, and he is also trained in hand to hand combat.
    • Weaknesses: Davin may be an artist on the battlefield, but he can be overconfident, which manifests from time to time as a weakness.  He has spent his life in a single discipline, that of the longsword, and as such, if disarmed, another weapon is useless, and will quickly be apparent that he is more a danger to himself than others without a blade in hand.  Short of being able to toss his dagger with modest skill, Davin lacks any ability with ranged weapons, and has to rely mainly on closing distance with an opponent.

  • Intelligence:
    • Strengths: Davin is an adept problem solver, having sharpened his wits over the years.  His father was strict about education during his upbringing, and as such Davin can read, write, speak common and different elvish dialects.  His keen ability for tactics also lends to his sharp mental acuity.
    • Weaknesses: While sharp, no one could call Davin a scholar.  His learning tends to be in areas he favors, such as tactics and lore.  As a young man, he was never formally schooled, learning on the road with what limited resources were available.
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Re: Davin Ragal - The Silver Dragon
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[VI.] History

The past naturally shapes the man present today.

[VI.I] Acquaintances

  • Ataleu Lantasíriel Elutirio Dicaspia
    Feelings: Loyal
    Relationship: Relative
    Information: Davin serves Ataleu as her personal Knight.  While their stances differ greatly, Davin is fiercely loyal.
  • Zyrphath
    Feelings: Loyal, Comradarie
    Relationship: Comrades
    Information: Despite the odd pairing, Davin and Zyrphath have been through much together both in and out of servitude to Ataleu
  • Jade Cyredanea
    Feelings: Friendly, Infatuation
    Relationship: Old Flame
    Information: Davin had a brief affair with Jade when they traveled together.  The two since parted ways, and have not seen each other in some time.
  • Kyne Stormchaser
    Feelings: Friendly, Comradarie
    Relationship: Comrades
    Information: Davin has worked with the Stormchaser in the past.  The two hold a good relationship together.

Many others has Davin worked, traveled, and even fought against.  There are many he has not seen in a long time.

[VI.II] Prologue: The Blades of Fate

"It was a bitter sweet day when the ill fated child came.  A son to the house was gained, and a mother and wife were lost.  Many believed the father, Dornivald, would hate the child, hold him responsible for the death of his beloved wife.  Dornivald was a kind man, however, and took it in his stead to raise the child alone.  In his mind, the young man would be a gentleman.

Life was not that simple for them.

In order to maintain a family, Dornivald had to take on extra tours of duty, for he was a Soldier of Andune.  In order to support himsef, the child and a maid, Dornivald had to take on more 'secretive' duties.  In return for his special service, he received enough to support his family, and school his son.  Things were darker than this however.

Upon a tour hidden within the Elentari, the benevolent father discovered more than what he was seeking.  A link to himself.  Something that he had known and forgotten, and old tie buried within.  He was a Ragal, a proud line of soldiers, honourable and powerful.  Texts found in the Elentari showed this not to be the case.  The most horrible truth caused Dornivald to destroy the text, recording only the facts he needed in his own personal journal.  Not only were he and his son not of the Ragal line, they were hunted by the very church that Dornivald revered.

Aldaron, his deity seemed to wish his death.  At least that is what the text said.  All this time, Davin was oblivious, growing up normally.  Dornivald looked deeper.  It turned out, much to his relief that it was not the order of the deity himself, rather a group of fanatics who wished to sever life from all in this line.  Dornivald spoke if to no one.  He could not discern the name of this line, but as far as he was concerned, he and no one else would know of it.  The line stretched back but not all was revealed to the soldier.

Meanwhile, the son grew.  He was to be schooled, become an educated man, for Dornivald wanted more than the simple Ragal line for him, as futile as that was now.  Despite this, the son wanted to know more of his father, wanted to do battle like him.  It was both flattering and distressing for Dornivald, but he honoured it and began training his son in the way of the sword.  At the tender age of nine, Davin, his son was introduced to the very much double edged life of the blade.  He was a promising student.

Dornivald was not an unattractive man.  He soon remarried, an elven woman.  She cared for him and Davin greatly.  Things were great for the Ragal household, Davin had someone to care for him, and so did Dornivald.  This did not keep for long.  Davin learned a lot from the woman, however a unfortunate day on the way home form the market, Bandits knocked the son senseless and killed the woman.  Another fateful twist of the knife in Davin's life.  Both he and his father mourned, but after a while decisions had to be made.

Like kindred spirits, Davin and Dornivald work.  The father had fallen on hard times.  He was no longer of use to the military, and no longer worthy of any pay.  His honourable discharge lead to the life of a mercenary.  By now, the son was capable, of use to most.  Forced to leave their home through need for means, the two joined a band.  The leader, an enigmatic hero named Blue Hawk, had welcomed new blood.  The band were known, employable and often used for many jobs.  The son saw the world, touring with the band, until one day.  Blue Falcon died in a bandit raid in the south of Andune.  While many grieved, it was up to the all the group to elect a new leader of the Blue Hawks.  Dornivald was the obvious choice, if old.  He was elected, and stood down in favour of his son.  The truth was, while having a superior grasp on combat and tactics, he never did have the raw talent to perform.  Davin had that grasp, as well as a good handle on the rest.  He could lead the men, and be at the front of the action.

It was then that the son met his friend.  Ramirez.  A man who seemed cold, but formed a bond with the young swordsman.  The two would often have friendly rivalries and competitions, and they received the same training from a wandering Swordsmaster names Jubei.  If only Davin had known the implications of this.

Dornivald was an old man now.  He and his son had forged a name for themselves amongst the Blue Falcons, but in a tour within the Elentari woods, Dornivald suffered a heart attack, killing him.  It was a sad day.  The Blue Falcons were smaller, but as well reputed.  Davin opted to keep on, leading them forward to further. work.

Again the knife was twisted.

Ramirez had been a sickly child.  He had suffered as a young one, which fueled his competitiveness.  During a mission in the Desert, Ramirez fell ill again.  The weeks coming up to this illness, he had become quiet and confrontational.  He and Davin had fallen out.  He lay in his tent as the others took to the field.

The job itself was to hunt and eliminate a group of nomadic bandits, and the group were struggling.  One evening in camp, a healer came to them.  He claimed to have heard of the troubles of Ramirez, and was there to see what he could do.  The next day, Ramirez was simply gone.  Davin felt odd, for they had seldom passed civil words for a month now.  His greatest surprise was to come the next day.

As the sand settled from the night winds on the make-shift fort that had been dug out, they struck.  A small army of ragged bandits.  Davin would not be overwhelmed, but he was shocked.  The leader of the Bandits was Ramirez, and he was slaughtering men left right and centre.  Davin ordered archers to take him down with a bitterness in his throat.  The attack was quickly stopped.

After this, Davin left.  The life was no longer for him, he could not maintain such a command after ordering the death of his once best friend.  He left them in Miriel, intent on taking a break and forging a better path for himself.  The Blades of Fate were not so kind...


In the desert a corpse lay, not yet at the stage of rotting.  An old man strode across the sand.  Many would look on him as an old healer, but there was no such person around.  He approached the body, whispering words of power and glory in its ears as he incanted.  The word that truly brought life back into the body was: Vengeance."

[VI.III] Chapter 1: Forged of Burden

"Twas a dark day for the swordsman when the group disbanded.  Davin walked the lesser trodden paths of Entar, working as a guard for caravans, guarding nobles and so on.  The life of a common mercenary, simply to survive.  While not as glamorous a life as was with the band of mercenaries, it was a living and allowed the swordsman to see just as much of the world.  Life wore on, and Davin carried the burden of the past with him at every turn.

After travelling with companions in the Elentari woodlands, Davin decided to settle down, becoming a Guardian of a group known as the Emerald Sentinels.  It was in defense of the members that Davin got infect with an ancient evil, burrowing its way deep into his body, but then becoming dormant.  For many months he settled in the forest, providing protection to those around him.  It was uncharacteristic of the swordsman to remain in one place for such a time, but his mercenary ways were a thing of the past.  It was not long though, before he craved to wander the paths of Entar again.  It was around this time that the rumor came to him.  Ramirez was alive and well, despite the fact that Davin was certain he had ended his treacherous life.  Davin set out on the trail to find his former friend turned enemy, and snuff out his life once more, lest he be hunted by his nemesis.  It was all he could do to protect those around him, for there was no doubt in the swordsman's mind that his former friend would harm those close to Davin.

The trail lead him south, beyond Narim.  He took work to ease passage, and had a sordid, yet brief affair with the pirate Jade Cyredanea.  Davin experienced the first moments of happiness, and felt his burdens drain away.  Despite this, he knew they would need to part ways.  Jade was a capable woman, more than most, but Ramirez knew only cruelty, his motives were not clear, and the flame in Davin's heart for the Pirate Queen would not allow harm to come to her.  It was with heavy heart, the swordsman parted ways and continued on the trail.

The trail lead him to the frozen north.  Along the way, he met the Pooka, Raina, and formed a sibling like bond with her.  Despite all his misgivings, he decided to take Raina along with him.  If nothing else, a little companionship could always leaven his spirits.

In the frozen north, Davin heard rumor of someone killing the members of the Ice Cutters Guild, a highly sought group, revered by nobles for their ability to transport them ice in all forms for high class parties.  Davin could not explain why, but he had a gut instinct that he was close on the trail, and took the job to investigate with Raina.  The two found themselves in the lair of the Lich of the North.

It was there that Davin found the nefarious company Ramirez had fallen into.  The Lich had been drawing Davin all along, his intent was to fuse his and Ramirez' souls, the beginning of an army of symbiotic warriors that would be very hard to kill.  His intent was to break the swordsman's will.  Davin resisted, but in order to protect Raina, he had to submit.  It was then that something happened that the Lich did not expect.

The turbulent nature of Davin's spirit lashed back against the Lich, resisting his magic.  While the fusion was complete, he was unable to dominate the warrior.  The strain also brought out something in the swordsman, stimulating latent distant elvish genes, and completely transforming the swordsman.  His chestnut brown hair turned silver white, his emerald green eyes turned argent.

Despite the strain, Davin managed to muster strength and escape with Raina.  Broken and exhausted, Raina comforted him.  Once again with a heavy heart, he had to part with another companion.  He needed answers to what was going on with him.  As he was in the north, the logical place to seek answers to such evil magic was in Anfalas.  That is when his life took a very different turn."

[VI.IV] Chapter 2: Knight of the Silver Lady

"It was in Anfalas that Davin met with Lady Ataleu.  She seduced him with her wily ways, and in the turbulent dreams that followed, showed him his true power and destiny.  She had sussed out that he was a distant relative of hers, and the last son of Dicaspia.  Despite his strength of will, Davin submitted to her will, becoming the Argent Knight.

While he still had a strong moral compass, Davin was fiercely loyal to the Silver Lady.  She needed but command, and he would kill for her.

It was a turbulent time in the Elentari, the monarch having passed, and political conflict over who would rule grew rampant.  With Lady Ataleu, Davin infiltrated a military outpost in Miriel.  It was an uncharacteristic move for the Argent Knight, given that his father had served in that very military.  Lady Ataleu knew there was some important plans kept there, and Davin slaughtered the guards for her.  In the process, he learned something very important.  His father had not been a mere soldier, he was a member of a special task force.  At the time, they had plans a political motivations to keep dirt on all neighboring nations, as well as secret plans for how they could initiate rebellion if necessary.  How Ataleu had known this, Davin did not know, nor did he care.  The plan was set, they would put the Silver Lady in her rightful place, on the throne of the Elven Nation.

It was through the Silver Lady that Davin met the Shadowking.  Despite being polar opposites, the two made a highly effective team.  Together they began eliminating political opponents for the Lady.  It was a dark time for the swordsman, but his loyalty was so fierce that it was easy to shrug the burden.  The Shadowking could tell there was an ancient evil within the swordsman, and perhaps that was some of his motivation to travel with the Argent Knight, it was hard to tell, as the Shadowking was an enigmatic presence at best.

Sadly the current coup failed, and Ataleu did not make the throne of the Elentari.  That did not kill her resolve, and the Argent Knight waits patiently for word from her when the time is right."

[VI.V] Chapter 3: Dawn of the Spirit

"It was during this interlude that the latent power of the Myrmidon began to manifest in the Argent Knight.  He was contacted by a further enigmatic person, the so called Midnight Falcon.  He encourage the growth of these powers, but played his cards close to his chest.

It was during this interlude that Davin learned of the Roschade incident, and that fanatic templars of Aldaron had been attempting to snuff out the Dicaspian line for centuries.  In his fierce loyalty to the Silver Lady, Davin set out to find and end this cult.  Zyrphath joined him, and the two journeyed to learn more.  He had also learned of a blade that could be forged to break the twisted fusion he had with his nemesis, and sought the components in the darker places of the world.

It was again in the north that the two found an outpost of cult.  Between Davin's manifesting powers, and Zyrphaths great command of the magic of the dark one, they made a formidable team.  However, on the island of their fortress, there was something they did not expect.  An Avatar of Valdriel commanded the troops, though under the guise of Aldaron.  Davin had an unfortunate run in with the Avatar, and not having fully developed as a Myrmidon, he was slain by the Avatar.

It was then that the darkness awoke.

The ancient evil Davin had encountered in the Elentari lashed out frantically, afraid of being killed.  It transformed Davin into a beast, and he rampaged through the fortress, slaughtering everyone in his path until he collapsed, healed for the fatal wound the Avatar had supplied, but worn down.  The Avatar had escaped, but Davin had experienced a vision too reverential to ignore.

He shared this vision with the Shadowking, who also became intrigued.  It was of the land where the Sundering had occurred, of a darkness, brooding out there.  While Zyrphaths motives were not clear, Davin had to think it had something to do with the ancient evil, a cure perhaps could be sought.

It was on the road through the mountains that the Midnight Falcon revealed more about his abilities.  He taught the swordsman more of his powers, and soon, he would have him take the trials required to become the true warrior he was destined to be.

Slowly but surely, a young man was dying, and a Myrmidon was being born"
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[VII.] Additional Information

None as yet...
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