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The General Rules of Hidden Realms
« on: June 17, 2013, 10:25:17 PM »
The Hidden Realms Rules

The Golden Rule: Follow the spirit of the law 

Our guidelines will not encompass any and every single case or incident that may arise.  It is your responsibility to do your best to stay within the rules as they are given and ask for guidance in cases of doubt.

We write as much as we can on anything, but there are always loopholes in everything.  The letter of the law often exposes these to people.  Those who follow the spirit of the law, and try not to take advantage of loopholes will get on well in Hidden Realms.  When in doubt, ask.

The Rules

  • Treat fellow members and staff with respect: Characters may be as evil as they wish, but players must behave civilly and within the guidelines they are given.
  • Do not power-play or God-mode: Common sense comes into play here. Always remember to at least try and keep some semblance of realism to your posts, making sure to properly display your characters weaknesses. Also, don't post actions or reactions for other characters unless you have the express permission of the other member.
  • Remain true to the setting: Hidden Realms is a world of medieval fantasy; an atmosphere consisting of swords, dragons, and sorcery. This means there is to be no gunpowder, time travel, steam engines, lasers, or alien starships.  Characters must be of a nature that fits within these walls.
  • Characters must follow the spirit of the zero-sum rule: This means that characters must display weaknesses, and encounter obstacles at least similar to their strengths to maintain balanced roleplaying. Characters can (and should) grow and develop, but while weaknesses can be lost and strengths can be gained, the requirement we set for balanced and fair play does not go away.  We do not want to tether your character, but we expect a mature attitude to your characters play, abilities and development.
  • Do not post pornography or indecent content: We're fairly lenient here, but please do not make lewd posts on our forum.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling in all of your posts: This is a writing community, and we constantly strive for excellence here.  Please do not use leet speak here, and remember to always proofread before submitting your post.  Also, please note that we prefer if you use third-person perspective in all of your IC posts.
  • Character names must be original: Character names may not include symbols, numbers, profanity, or the combination of words to produce an offensive result. See our Character Naming Policy for more information on names.
  • Stay updated: The rules, the guidelines, the staff, and the very world itself can change at any time.  Vital and major alterations will always be announced. You should check these regularly or otherwise make sure you are notified of new posts in this board.
  • Heed the mods.  These rules, as listed above, are guidelines we have set to ensure a healthy Hidden Realms. Those responsible for the everyday monitoring and "maintenance" (when needed) is the staff, and they act according to their own set of guidelines in addition to these (see the staff thread for more information).  We are friendly and accommodating, respectful and adaptive as much as we can be.  That being said, we are not a democracy in the sense of election and so forth.  We will listen to all complaints, opinions and so on, even instigate a vote to get a better sense.  But we made rulings, picked articles for a reason and so on.  In the end of the day, a moderators word is final.

Free-Form Clause

Although Hidden Realm's ultimate goal is to allow for the player's innovation and creativity--that is what essentially free form roleplay is, users are expected to adhere to the structure of the game established by the various compositions found on the site and forum. If you are unsure whether something may conflict with the setting or disrupt the balance of the game, ask! Post it in the appropriate board for feedback, or directly contact a moderator or administrator. Regardless, the final decision always lies with the staff.

Other Boards of Interest

  • The Knowledgebase.  A collection of crucial information (such as this document!) - everyone is recommended to visit this board and become familiar with it.

If you feel unfairly treated, or that the rules and/or directives have been misinterpreted or abused, you are free to contact an administrator directly.  At the time of writing, recommended PM recipients are Zyrphath and Davin. Alternatively, consult this post.
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