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Author Topic: The Oncoming Age...  (Read 675 times)

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The Oncoming Age...
« on: August 04, 2016, 02:13:38 AM »
To those who still visit this site.

Through relatively heroic effort from myself and Zyrphath, as well as those who have come before, we are almost at a point with our major plot, and subsequent restructure of the library that we can merge the boards over to the original url.

As a part of this, we will be doing the following:
  • Merging the IRC into the public domain: We like to hear your thoughts on everything, so we will be launching a new chat, as we have mentioned.
  • Migrating this board to the current url: Naturally, rather than end up at the old board, people will end up at this board.  We will have a portal to all your old RPs, apps and so forth, but it will be read only.
  • Advertising the new forum: We have a compendium of places we can advertise this board.  Unfortunately, the old places are no longer around, but we hope to improve member base by advertising on about ten other places suited for such a thing.  If you have any friend looking for RP, please bring them to us.  If you know of anywhere we can spread the word of HR, please contact Zyrphath or Davin