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The emergency council that convened several days ago has finally emerged from behind closed doors. In what many consider as shocking as it is bold and unexpected, it was the decision of the council that larger parts of Narim be closed and locked down. Affected areas is the harbor and the buildings in its vicinity.

As a response to the following civil unrest, a militia has been formed to keep the peace around the blocked off areas. The militia consists mainly of armed forces belonging to the respective members of the coalition, but also consists of members of the Black Chest and some hired help spared by the Hand of the Magi.

Speaking of civil unrest, it is not difficult to understand why the people of Narim are angered. The blockade doesn't just include certain parts of the city, but given that the harbor is cut off from public access completely, one must also presume that no ships are coming in or out - a fact that is catastrophic for trade and for many people's jobs. Tensions run high, despite the large presence of armed peacekeepers.

As a last afront, all foreigners not in employment of the coalition or with specific exceptions, have been ordered to leave Narim with immediate effect.

Sources have told The Herald that, contrary to the message given to the people that these moves have everything to do with their safety and well-being, the intercity blockade has entirely different reasons. While the blockade is now settling in, and it will probably be a few days still before everything settles to something resembling normalcy, current information suggests that the coalition is preparing to set forth a massive, coordinated attempt at breaching into the luminuous barrier.

What happens next? We are as excited as you are - stay tuned, we will bring you more news of what happens in Narim as soon as it has happened.

The Herald / Emergency Council Called
« on: July 18, 2016, 10:47:42 PM »
It has been several weeks since the last update on the situation of the coast of Narim.  Panic had subsided after the recent turmoil over booming visitors, as well as research, shipping and general interest.

The team who initially brought back findings of the phenomenon,  were permitted to continue their studies, and were uninterrupted in for one week before the situation changed.  The bold and adventurous, whether seeking wealth or knowledge, or even power, began secretive probing.  Some of these fortune seekers were ill prepared, some better, but none had success, many met with misfortunes that cannot be disclosed at this time.

In reaction to this, as well as the increasing results, and increasing tension, a coalition between the major powers of Entar, at least the civilized ones, came together.  They allotted resources to maintain order, both in Narim, and on the High Seas, blockading as best they could the site with coalition naval forces. Current messages are that no activity is permitted near the site without clearance from the coalition.

In the interim, the blockade keeps out the fortune seekers, or at least keeps news of their passing from listening ears.  Rule and order in Narim has never been more apparent and organized in decades, possibly centuries.

The coalition has called together a council.  Chairs of the council are made of the initial researching delegate, as well as senior representatives of the coalition.  They extended an invite to other groups to voice their opinions and contribute whatever they may. Ultimately it was to be a closed council, and given the rather fantastical nature of the matter, not many have been approved.  Many grudging guilds, and minor committees wait with the other citizens and travelers as the council debates what must be done with regards to the anomaly.

Notable groups that were allowed in were; Several representative groups from different major religions in Entar, some of the major shipping guilds from up and down the coast, a group of senior scholars and researchers from the Great Library in Elenion, and a coalition of mages, calling themselves the Hand of the Magi.  The last group was a last minute application, and to the shock of many were allowed access to the council, presumably deemed to have good input on the magical nature of the anomaly, if any.

Strangely and much to the surprise of everyone in the know, no further message or delegation has come out of Anfalas.

We hope to publish more information on the result of the council, as soon as they are finished deliberating.

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