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Character Vault / Re: Serellye Eldaren
« on: October 26, 2016, 06:15:47 AM »
I've made the change!

Character Vault / Re: Serellye Eldaren
« on: October 25, 2016, 04:50:44 AM »
Has this been approved?

Character Vault / Re: Serellye Eldaren
« on: October 19, 2016, 06:18:37 AM »

Update: same situation and now a close friend's father has died, leaving her an orphan. Very, very rough week.

Okay...I completely understand your notes and respect the environment you are creating with Hidden Realms. I will keep that in mind when writing about Ellye's faith. I don't expect that I'll be posting about the history of God; it'll be more about prayers and phrases "God help me in this battle" than anything. Of course, these will increase her faith, confidence, etc. but, in following HR rules, it won't increase her dexterity, strength, etc. Changed the name to "The One God"and will keep it ambiguous so as not to confuse with RL.

Character Vault / Re: Serellye Eldaren
« on: October 17, 2016, 12:28:21 AM »
Thanks for your kind words and the feedback.

Initially, I did not respond because I thought that if she was not gaining any physical/etc power from her interactions, then it wouldn't be an issue. I changed YHWH to "the unknown God".

Character Vault / Re: Serellye Eldaren
« on: October 15, 2016, 06:21:40 AM »
I believe I've responded to all your notes.

I apologize for the late reply. RL strikes again...experienced a loss of a loved on and now the husband is in the hospital as well.

Introductions / Re: New to v2 but not to HR
« on: October 03, 2016, 09:06:22 PM »
No questions...just happy to be back and eager to write again. It's been years.
I'm looking forward to getting started.

Writer's Lounge / Re: Malapropisms and eggcorns
« on: October 03, 2016, 06:42:58 PM »
Very amusing. I chuckled a few times here and there.

Character Vault / Serellye Eldaren
« on: October 03, 2016, 02:04:49 AM »
Name: Serellye Eldaren

Race: High Elf

Origin Highwood of the Kingdom of Elentari


Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral Good

Serellye suffers from bouts of prolonged sadness. This has the tendency to affect her everyday life and self-care. Similar to depression but not severe enough to be labeled such. Serellye also has a mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Serellye follows in the footsteps of her mother, studying to become a master elementalist and ranger/guardian. She has no formal occupation and chooses to live off the land, often spending long periods of time in the Westwoods of the Elentari Woodlands, accepting jobs as people offer.

A gift from her mother, Serellye carries a longbow which she had refashioned to fit her height and grip. The bow is wooden in the shape of a stylized W (two crescents connected by a smaller crescent). The middle crescent and the extreme ends of the bow, is made of polished, lightweight steel and displays her family’s crest: an owl surround by swirling winds. According to the stories Serellye was told, the bow had been in her family for many centuries before being handed down her mother and now to her.

Serellye also received Aronore, a double-edged, double-sided swordspear. The blade is dark, polished steel, about seven feet from tip to tip. In order to wield the weapon, one must be instructed by the weapon’s previous owner due to the tendrils of sharpened steel entwined around its handle in the center. As Serellye did not have this opportunity, she does not use the swordspear often—only in great need and suffering her own bodily harm.

Solsal is a stallion that was to be killed, by humans, because of its broken leg. Serellye rescued the beast and used her healing spell to nurse it back to health. Solsal is a strong companion with black and white tobiano coloring.

Serellye takes after her mother in that she would be consider beautiful. Serellye has the same head of full silvery white hair though she has opted to keep it dreadlocked and adorned with some jewelry. Her olive toned skin has no blemish or scars noticeable to the naked eye. Serellye has a lean frame, 5’8.75’’ and 165 lbs. Years of hard work and discipline has gifted her with a femininely muscular frame and slightly calloused hands. Her doe shaped eyes are bright with a rose tone and she wears a tint of mauve on her lips.

Serellye most often wears midnight purple, full body leather armor. It has a high collar, so as to protect her neck. The garb is fitted, hugging her curves and allowing for ease of movement. She also wears, as is appropriate, a deep gray, fur lined, hooded cloak. The cloak reaches down to the back of knees and Is easily tucked behind her shoulders should the need arise. A wide, black leather belt sits low on her hips. Pouches for various items are attached to the inside of the belt. Serellye wears dark boots that stop just below her knees. The right boot contains sewn in pockets for carrying various items.  The left boot houses a hidden panel where she carries her grandfather’s dagger, a prize that was left to Serellye when her mother cut it out of the hand of the cinnamon scented drow who murdered her family when she was very young.

When not travelling, Serellye wears the long flowing dress and robes most common to elves.

Serellye has periods of aloofness when she prefers to be alone and, less often, periods of time where she welcomes the company of others. She often seems angry and comes across as intimidating but can be quite friendly when placed at ease. Serellye enjoys nature, often losing herself in the majesty of the One God’s creation. This is a source of contention for those who know her as she may be in the middle of a conversation—a sentence even—and her attention is diverted by the beautiful night sky or a patch of purple wildflowers growing in the hard crags of a rock face.

Serellye values hard work and has an innate thirst for knowledge. Though she never met her mother, Serellye has managed to learn many of her mother’s old elemental spells, fighting stances and moves. She has also started to learn how to wield Aronore, her mother’s swordspear that is specially designed to harm those who simply hold it incorrectly. Serellye will follow the wise and experienced, willingly learning from them in an effort to better herself. She often seeks constructive criticism and feedback, acting upon that information that she views to be in her best interest.

As her mother before her, Serellye is fiercely loyal and deeply respectful of nature and the One God.

Serellye seeks to learn more of the mother she’s never known but through stories and tales from those who lived, traveled and fought with her. Serellye understands that her mother was—and still is—well respected within the elven community and she has that mantle to carry. Serellye, however, desires to become her own person and make a name for herself that engender both fear and respect.

Skills & Abilities:
Expert use of longbow and arrows. Serellye has a high accuracy rate in hitting a target, stationary or moving, within a reasonable distance.
Expert ranger skills. Serellye can survive in the wilderness with minimal strain.
Learned in agility and acrobatics/tumbling.
Novice in wielding her mother’s swordspear. Historically, this weapon has been passed down through the generations and its previous owner must instruct the current owner on its use. The previous owner, Serellye’s mother, died before she could train her daughter but left many personal journals that explain its use. As a result, progress on learning the use of the swordspear is very slow.
Expert in healing spells.
Novice to intermediate in offensive and defensive spells.
Intermediate in wielding a long sword. With continued use and training, improvement can be gained.
Learned in woodcutting and blacksmithing. Mainly to make her own bows & arrows, care for her horses, etc.
Learned in beast mastery. After a long time living in the wilderness, Serellye is able to commune with certain wild animals.

Note: Serellye is a novice at all mixed spells intermediate at single spells, and expert at healing spells. All spells were learned from her mother’s journal. In order to perfect them, Serellye will have to find a teacher. Were she to attempt the use of mixed magic without the proper tutelage, Serellye would leave herself weak, spent, and without defense. Her life energy would be drained and she’d find herself knocking upon death’s door. Currently, the only spells that do not harm her are healing and unmixed spells.

Control of main elements: Water, fire, earth, air, order, chaos.

The following list consists of the main spells her mother used. Serellye wishes to learn this powerful attacks and aids.

All unmixed magic can be cast instantaneously to less than a minute depending on the severity of the attack. For example, if Serellye required water to douse a small fire, there is no casting time. Calling upon a flood or holding back the same would require a casting time of less than a minute. All mixed magics have a casting time of a minute to a minute and a half. Spells can be cast while Serellye continues to launch an offensive attack or defend herself against one.

Unholy Baptism: Mix of water, earth and chaos. Casting time: 1:30 minutes. This spell creates a sludge of varying thickness. Various projectiles can be created and hurled at a target, remaining viscous or hardened into a solid object.
Terra Flare: Mix of fire and earth/water. Casting time: 1:15 minutes. This spell is similar to Unholy Baptism but creates burning earth, similar to lava. This can also remain viscous or solidified and used offensively.
Wind’s Conflagration: Mix of fire, wind, and chaos. Casting time: 1: 20 minutes. By removing all moisture from the air or an object, this spell can cause spontaneous combustion.
Zephyr’s Edge: Single element of wind. Casting time: 0:20 minutes. With this spell, wind can be used offensively, creating hurricane force gales to powerful tornadoes.
Elixir Vitae: (Healing) Mix of order and any other element except for chaos. Casting time: 0:20 minutes. This spell can heal any open wound, injury or remove an illness. Elixir Vitae can also restore lost energy, eliminating weariness. It does not have the ability to regenerate missing limbs.
Ascension: Single element of wind. Casting time: 0:25 minutes. With this spell, the caster may levitate and use the winds to move forward and backward. This is not flying but more of gliding.

Social: Serellye would prefer to be alone the majority of her time, communing with nature. She does display an outgoing nature around friendly company. This allows her a heightened sense of discernment while collecting allies along her travels. Her silence may come across as arrogance but it is in those time when she feels the most overwhelmed with social interaction and needs to recharge, alone. Serellye uses her silence as a method to keep others talking while she sums up their intelligence, abilities, etc.

Career: Serellye is quite adept at surviving in the wilderness and she will use those skills to accompany travelers through the woods or assist in some other task. In this way she has received compensation to use to procure items not naturally found in the wilderness. Before spending an extended amount of time in a city, Serellye is sure to stock up on supplies and money as earning a living, there, would be difficult. She is open to performing odd jobs as gainful employment.

Racial: As a quintessential high elf, Serellye is proud, intelligent and possesses a sharp wit. She has heightened senses and moves with the grace and agility befitting her race.

Combat: Serellye has mastered the use of her longbow and gain much experience using unmixed spells. Like her mother before her, she is relentless with regards to learning new skills and is able to implement them almost immediately. Serellye has great muscle memory and, with the aid of her stamina and spells, is able to heal quickly, enabling her to last longer in the heat of a battle.

Intelligence: Serellye has inherited the intelligence of her race. She has a natural thirst for knowledge and does not rest until she has perfected a craft. Serellye focuses on more than pursuit at a time, preferring gaining general knowledge, and combat skills training. Her combat training would include researching her mother’s journals for instruction on Aronore, spell casting, and seeking out a trainer to master her offensive and defensive skills with her weapons—save the swordspear—and in hand-to-handcombat.

Social: Serellye enjoys being alone, often missing out on developing deep relationships. She may come across as arrogant and intimidating.

Career: Aside from picking up a random job as they happen upon her, Serellye has no real way to make money. She has experienced cold, hungry nights when all that remained were meager portions and the forest refused to give up its bounty.

Racial: Serellye’s wit often causes her trouble among foreigners as well as her own people. Unlike her mother before her, Serellye more often speaks without thinking of the final outcome her words may cause.

Combat: Though Serellye is an expert and ranged attacks, were a battle to become close-ranged, she would certainly be lacking. There are no situations where she would not be able to use her ranged attacks. She has mastered this skill but is always open to learning anything new.

Intelligence: Serellye may come across as arrogant because of her confidence in her knowledge. Any gaps in her knowledge come from areas she has devoted her time to. For example, Serellye doesn’t know very much about her people and all their customs. Once she does commit to learning, she does not effectively. Serellye’s retention is high.


The cinnamon scented drow.

This figure means all and nothing to Serellye. This drow was destroyed by Serellye’s mother who, in turn, suffered a wound she could not heal from. In the end, though Serellye mother’s finally received her long sought after revenge, she did not live long enough to benefit from its fruits.

A mother she never met and a father she knows nothing about.

Serellye’s father is even more mysterious than imagined. As the stories are told, Serellye’s mother and this high elf often travelled through Entar, seeking whatever adventure they could. At some point, these travelling companions became something more and conceived a child. This high elf disappeared before learning of his child birth and his love’s death. He is believed to be dead but this has never been confirmed.

An orphan.

She walks the earth alone, preferring the quiet companionship of nature and animals. Serellye often feels as if she has no purpose and struggles to find the meaning for her presence in the world. Does she return to her mother land and fight for her rightful position as the head of the Council of the Twelve? Does she search for her father and make peace with him and her mother’s memory? Does she seek adventure, throwing her worries into intrigue and battle? With the questions that plague her, Serellye remains content spending her days in silent solitude, ignoring the cares of the world around her, surfacing only to hone her current skills and satisfy her desire of learning.

Perhaps she will never know peace.

Then she hears of a high elf who travelled with the silver haired high elf who destroyed the demons of Khalor, survived The Pit, travelled through Andune and Nijon, joined the Hunt for the Briar Patch Beast, and fought a most powerful witch among many other things. With information this detailed, Serellye is almost certain that this high elf—her mother travelling companion—must be her father. Is she truly destined to follow in her mother’s footsteps in this way? Spending her days chasing after an elusive figure only to finally capture it and die? For Serellye, there is no question.

Introductions / New to v2 but not to HR
« on: October 03, 2016, 01:59:30 AM »
Happy to be back!
On v1 I had one main character and was quite involved before real life took me away from the things I loved to do. In the past few weeks I've revisited my old loves and rereading some old post caused me to smile. I have an old story to close and a new one to begin. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community again.

~ SE

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