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Title: Hidden Realms Members Handbook
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Members Handbook

While enjoying your stay on the site, you will notice there are a few rules and expectations that the Hidden Realms staff have enforced for some time now. Still we appreciate getting to grips with everything can be a little unnerving once you first arrive, after all, we still get newcomers asking for help from time to time. That is why we have aspired to write and constantly update this handbook. It is a guide, for the members, with information brought up by the members. We all know what we expect of Hidden Realms, hopefully with this handbook, will help to clarify what Hidden Realms expects of its members and can make your setting in both faster and more enjoyable.

A Newcomer's First Stop:

Creating a Character:

The Road after Character Approval:

Technical Help:

Now, on to the rules and expectations that are either not mentioned in the above articles, or require clarification. This next statement may sound harsh to some, but I believe it should be understood up front – If you are unable, or unwilling, to follow the rules of the realm, or live up to its expectations, you should not be here. That is after all what rules and expectations are for.

Section I: Out Of Character Related

1.) Do: Write properly. HR is a writing community. It does not expect its members to be perfect by any means, but members are expected to display a basic knowledge of grammar and written English. All sentences and proper nouns should begin with a capital letter, the word ‘I’ should always be capitalized, and all sentences should contain and end with punctuation. Proofread, and if spelling is not a personal strength, use the spellchecker function provided before posting. This expectation extends to all aspects of Hidden Realms, OOC and/or IC, and requires very little effort.

2.) Do: Roleplay. HR is a roleplaying realm and its members are the players. The OOC forums are where HR’s players socialize and discuss non-RP related topics. By relation this implies that all of the psychos you meet in the OOC forums are also players in Hidden Realms. That includes you.

3.) Do: Use your character name as your display name. Most members use one character’s account for all OOC posting and use that character name as a main identity on the forums. Whichever account you choose should represent an RP character, as that is what you are here for in the first place.

4.) Do Not: Thread-jack. Every thread has a first post. That first post assigns the topic for the thread. Playful off topic banter is fun, and it is expected and encouraged, but the thread should return to it’s original topic quickly, as opposed to two or three pages later.

5.) Do Not: Personally attack another member of the site. If you have a personal problem with someone, take care of it privately. It does not belong on the forums. HR’s OOC community offers a fun and friendly atmosphere… and we like it that way. If you are unable to solve the problem privately, contact the appropriate member of the Realm Council (http://hiddenrealms.net/hr/index.php?topic=24.0).

6.) Do: Keep all discussions civil. Some topics of conversation (politics, religion, etc.) can be quite touchy, and while it is your right to express your opinions and beliefs on such topics, never forget that everyone else has that right as well, whether they agree with you or not. Express your opinions, but Do Not belittle anyone else’s. Disagreement with someone is not cause to attack that person’s beliefs (or lack thereof). If what you plan to say might be taken as insult… refrain from posting it.

Section II: Character Creation Related

1.) Do: Create a new account for each character. Alternatively many players prefer to use the MCS system that we have in place. Regardless, the name of the character an account represents should be the display name for each account. Make sure you capitalize the character name. Note: Underscores are not_necessary.
2.) Do: Make sure the information in the account profile reflects the character in question, not the player. This ensures that the focus remains on RP.

3.) Do: Choose an avatar that represents the character tied to that account, either as a character portrait or an image that captures the character concept. You may choose not to use an avatar at all if you would rather not.

4.) Do: Submit a character before becoming too active in the other forums, beyond posting your thread in the Introductions forum. It is recommended you create the character by following the Character Application Guide (http://urltocome).

5.) Do: Follow the advice and suggestions of the Gate Keepers (Character Approval Mods). Be sure to work on your character regularly until it is approved. You are free to post in the OOC forums while you await approval, but you should always continue on working to be approved in the mean time. You are not only here to socialize, you are here to roleplay, first and foremost.

6.) Do: Read any and all information in the Lite Library (http://hiddenrealms.net/hr/index.php?board=4.0) that pertains to your character or your character’s past. Your character must adhere to the setting information provided, and remain within the intended spirit of the setting itself.

7.) Do Not: Hesitate to ask in the Questions & Answers (http://hiddenrealms.net/hr/index.php?board=14.0) forum if you cannot find the information you are looking for and are unsure that your idea fits within the setting. In most cases you will receive the answers you are hoping for, but only if you go ahead and ask.

8.) Do: Be patient with the Gate Keepers. Reading, analyzing, and commenting on every character application is a time consuming job and it may take a few days before your character is approved, longer if you are required to make changes. This process helps the realm to determine that you are the caliber of roleplayer HR is intended for.

Section III: RP Related

1.) Do: Follow the Basic Rules of Freeform RP (http://hiddenrealms.net/hr/index.php?topic=28.0) at all times.  If anyone you are RP'ing with is not following these rules, it is up to you to politely point it out to them. If the person becomes argumentative and/or does not begin playing by the rules, contact the appropriate moderator. The same is true of all of these rules.

2.) Do: Portray your character accurately and consistently. You should remain true to the alignment and personality description you provided in the character bio. Furthermore, you should not portray skills, powers, and abilities that are not listed on the bio, unless they were acquired through IC character development. In that case it is a good idea to update the bio to reflect the character’s growth. Note that with considerate growth, a re-approval of the character may be required.

3.) Do: Portray Character Afflictions (http://urltocome) as they are written. This especially concerns lycanthropes and vampires. Entar is a very traditional high fantasy setting and its werewolves and vampires reflect that. They are not to be played like the werewolves and vampires from White Wolf Games or movies like “Underworld”.

4.) Do: Play upon your character’s flaws, weaknesses, and imperfections. It is these things that make a character interesting and defines who they are. You will find with time that it can also provide opportunities for good stories.

5.) Do: Feel free to provide NPCs and creature encounters for your own character, as well as those you are RPing with. The Entar setting is teeming with life. Don’t hesitate to include that life in your stories.

6.) Do Not: RP in more threads than allowed at any given time. Follow the rules of the multi-thread system and always bare in mind that what you're allowed may not always be what you can manage.

7.) Do: Try to be descriptive in your IC posts. A solid IC post should be far more than a few sentences. There is more to the scene than your character’s actions. Don’t be afraid to delve into the character’s thoughts, perspective, and motivations, as well. Not only is it fun to write, it is fun to read.

8.) Do: Try to post in a timely manner when it is your turn. There will naturally be times that delays in posting cannot be avoided, but please try not to hold up an RP for more than 3 or 4 days if you can help it.

9.) Do: Play a character for a while before submitting another. The Gate Keepers have enough to do without reading and approving characters that are not even played in the realm.

Section IV: Miscellaneous

1.) Do: Take advantage of The Consortium (http://hiddenrealms.net/hr/index.php?board=9.0). Use it freely to recruit other players to join your RP, plan an adventure, or find an RP your character can join.

2.) Do: Feel free to share your suggestions and opinions in character application threads and realm development submissions. HR was built upon, and grows through, the input and contributions of its members.

3.) Do Not: Accept it if anyone you interact with in HR does not make the effort to write properly. It is up to all of us to make sure we maintain a certain level of quality. If you see someone using “net-kiddie shorthand” or neglecting to capitalize and punctuate… let them know that they need to make the effort to write properly. If you allow others to lower the standards of the realm, you become part of the problem.

4.) Do Not: Join an ongoing RP thread without checking with the other players first. They may have plans that you could inadvertently disrupt if you jump in without the right information. Send a PM, and if it is okay for your character to join, you can work out a way to get involved that will not hinder their well laid plans.

5.) Do Not: Post a new thread in the Introductions (http://hiddenrealms.net/hr/index.php?board=25.0) forum to 'introduce' a new character. That forum is for newcomers to introduce themselves to the rest of the realm and for the members to welcome them. If you are not a newcomer, but you have a new character, feel free to post about it in The Consortium (http://hiddenrealms.net/hr/index.php?board=9.0).

6.) Do Not: Be intimidated by the BB Code used in the forums.  It is actually easier than basic HTML.  You can find a good BB Code guide here (http://wiki.simplemachines.org/smf/Bulletin_board_code) that you may find quite helpful.

Right then. Shall we begin?