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« on: July 20, 2016, 05:21:57 AM »
Player: Anna

Name: Kisa Sinclair

Race: Changed Human

Origin: Thorgar

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Occupation: Healer

Possessions: Enchanted knife made of iron shell, enchanted robes, spell materials, and several mundane things like money.

Appearance: At just around 150 centimeters tall (Five feet), Kisa is a lithe figure with hardly any body mass to speak of. There is bright blonde hair atop her head, loose about her shoulders that had an almost white sheen when caught in the correct light.

Her eyes are a striking blue, the same that makes one’s mind wander to glaciers and the tundra. This was not only the shade of the color, but also the cold that seemed to hide within the expanses of her irises.

Personality: One of the first words that might come to mind when considering Kisa is optimist. In her youth that was coupled with naivety, if not dominated by it. Though even this paled in comparison to her unending desire to aid. Help. Assist. Her one goal in life is to make others' lives easier and longer, particularly those whom gain a report with her though that is a rather easy task in itself.

Her time among fae and the new life she chose has changed this however, particularly on the battle field. She still cares, much more so than the average person, but it is tempered with a new wariness and a heavy helping of self preservation. The fae within her has also had an affect, leaving Kisa incapable of speaking a falsehood, not that she was keen on lying in the first place. Outside of combat she remains her usually bubbly self, eager to sate her curious nature at every turn. When combat comes however her smile fades and leaves behind an ironic fury that heals those in its wake, though that does not mean she would refuse to fight herself. The fae worked that out of her quite soundly.

Skills: Sewing, painting, fishing,

Abilities: The manipulation of water and the magical energies it holds, mostly for healing. The control of her own glamour and the protections it brings. Finally the ability to open a portal to her Tundra home far in the north with the Fae Folk that live there. This passage can be pointed elsewhere so long that is cold enough, she has been to the location, and spends the three days casting it.

Knowledge: That of the tundra, her home. Fae and the ways of the first world. Folk music.

Magic: Kisa has almost exclusively healing magic. Even her more powerful spells are for preservation of life. Even so she holds some offensive abilities as she is no fool, but she has get-away spells before even those are deployed.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

    – Social:

Strengths: Honest and reliable.

Weaknesses: Blunt, occasionally callously so, and sometimes doesn’t pay attention.

    – Racial:

Strengths: Control of Glamour, access to direct lines of power through nature, a support network found world-wide, and the ability to remain in tall-folk settlements without drawing too much negative attention.

Weaknesses: Sensitivity to iron and steel especially, even when just touching it. Her body itself is relatively frail and would not stand up physically to most stick wielding opponents.

    – Combat:

Strengths: Very adept at avoiding combat, either through talk or simply evasion. Also has spells for incapacitation, even of multiple enemies.

Weaknesses: No hand to hand training or ability. Not able to wear armor.

    – Intelligence:

Strengths: Kisa has a simplistic view of the world and what the readily available facts are. It is easy for her to match her simple world to simple logic.

Weaknesses: Kisa has a simplistic view of the world and doesn’t go out of her way to learn new things that she doesn’t need. She downright refuses to learn things like etiquette within a court, things like the correct way to bow or what lines to recite. Boring, aggravating, and useless all at once in her eyes; they will have to do with her perfectly suitable manners.

The first times in Kisa’s life that seemed important happened early, during her childhood while under the eye of a dwarf named Hobart. Being a human it was easy to see that they were not related, yet anyone looking in would assume so with how they acted. She had parents before in her home among the ice and snow, but they were foolish, getting in to a fight against an encroaching faith that was spreading from the south. The war of the gods always rages on without end, this time catching her stubborn parents in the cross fire. Kisa was sent away for her safety mainly because she had the gift of the tundra. A connection with water and ice. Even more miraculous was her affinity for positive energies as opposed to the usually darker sort that comes with frost and blizzards. Icy wastelands are death’s stomping ground, not where one goes to survive.

So for years she stayed, learning her craft under the watch of a man who seemed to know everything! It was a magical time, literally and figuratively, that made up the most of her younger memories. The biggest and brightest of these was the visit from the Fae folk. Hobart knew of the partying fairies and thought Kisa might appreciate something a bit different from their normal routine of training and talking.

It changed her life. From then on the only thing they talked about, at least if Kisa could help it, was fairies and the first world. It became an obsession of hers, causing her to actively go out of her way to invite even some of the less friendly folk into their home. Hobart quashed that habit as soon as he discovered it, but he could never stop her desire to be among those beings who seem to have enchanted her.

Years later still Kisa finally decided to go out into the world, fully encouraged by a grouchy dwarf unwilling to deal with a bubbly teenaged human girl. The goodbye was simple and easy, each knowing that it would not be the last they saw of the other.

Luckily for her she had a plan already in motion. The Emerald Sentinels. A guild, sending out missives of recruitment. This was her chance at doing something great and helpful with her talents.

Her first accomplishment, and her initiation, was the cleansing of a plagued well in a village. It was hard for the young magic user but it only fueled her desire to better herself. It came with a true feeling of belonging and accomplishment that had her following her guild all the way, even into the Guild Wars themselves.

It was here that she lost her guild and her mates. One of the benefits of completing the Guild Wars was a personal prize at the end. If you won a truest desire is bestowed within the powers’ ability. Kisa’s truest desire was seeded by that first chance meeting with those fae so long ago, for she wished to become one of them and leave behind her human heritage. This however was not up to just those who reign over the Guild Wars themselves. The Fairy Courts each had the right to a say in the matter of a human joining their fold.

Almost all of them rejected her completely, yet winter took her in without hesitation. It was a surprise to no one just why that was once she had been delivered from the temple within the jungle where the final test had been given. Her life before the guild was in the tundra and so there she returned afterwards, sent to live with fae so she could learn her new role in the world as well as understand the changes that had been made to her very being.

Thus her life became ice and snow and a constant struggle against the very nature she had become a part of. Perhaps the expectations of the fairy court included Kisa’s death at the hand of her own wish, though if that is so, they failed. The blonde girl returned with her hazel eyes turned to blue, the physical manifestation of the glacial and fairy presence now within her.

Her human heritage could not be extinguished entirely, leading to some slight prejudice against her from time to time, but there were no regrets in her heart besides one. She missed her guild mates, wherever they are now. Her has a new goal now; Help those she can and find her guild.


Name: Cdemmehk Vnucd –Stilling Frost-
-- Type: Healiing/Positive
-- Casting Time: One minute prepares 6 charges that can be used at will and last for an hour.
-- Casting Method: Verbal and touch
-- Range: Two Meters
-- Area of Effect: Target
-- Duration: 1-4 hours
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Minimal
-- Description: A small orb of ice, about the size of a mandarin orange, can be thrown or smashed against a being’s chest in order to put them into a very temporary stasis. Used mainly on the battle field to quickly stabilize long enough for help to reach them. It can also be used to incapacitate an opponent if smashed against their torso or head.

Name: Raynd uv dra Dihtny –Heart of the Tundra-
-- Type: Healing/Trapping
-- Casting Time: One minute
-- Casting Method: Verbal and touch
-- Range: Kisa’s Reach
-- Area of Effect: Target
-- Duration: 4-8 days
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Moderate
-- Description: Cdemmehk Vnucd’s older sibling, this spell freezes individuals in a block of thick ice. This is a more substantial tool of preservation that can last practically forever in a cold enough environment. In warmer than freezing climates it can depend on a few factors. The spell can be stopped part way to leave some of the individual unfrozen for whatever purposes are needed.

Name: Cuudrehk Cbnehk –Soothing Spring-
-- Type: Healing/Positive
-- Casting Time: Five seconds
-- Casting Method: Verbal, hand symbol, and touch
-- Range: Kisa’s Reach
-- Area of Effect: Target
-- Duration: Channeled
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Negligible to heavy based on time channeled
-- Description: This is a simple healing spell that works with the water within the patient’s very body. It is fast mending and can heal extended damage with extended usage.

Name: Kiyntehk Secd –Guarding Mist-
-- Type: Defensive/Concealing
-- Casting Time: Flash cast
-- Casting Method: Channeling energy into a source of water.
-- Range: Kisa’s Reach
-- Area of Effect: 3 x 3, 8 x 8, and 12 x 12 meters depending on the amount of water used. Height is always 5 meters up unless it hits a ceiling of some kind.
-- Duration: Ten minutes
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Minimal, light, moderate in respect to size
-- Description: This spell unleashed an almost shotgun like blast of energy into a body of water, turning a portion of it into a cloud of mist. It cannot be seen through with mundane methods, even Kisa’s connection with water is barely enough for her to know where to go within the thick fog the spell creates.

Name: Vneket Myhla –Frigid Lance-
-- Type: Offensive
-- Casting Time: 10 seconds
-- Casting Method: verbal and hand symbol
-- Range: 25 meters
-- Area of Effect: target
-- Duration: Instant
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Moderate
-- Description: A spear of ice about two meters long is created and thrown in the same motion, magic pushing it through the air at high speed. It is strong enough to pierce most chest plates.

Name: Cmaad Creamt –Sleet Shield-
-- Type: Defensive/Offensive
-- Casting Time: One minute of preparation creates 10 charges
-- Casting Method: A ritual with whatever elements are present as well as a lot of water.
-- Range: Self
-- Area of Effect: Self
-- Duration: Until charges are used
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Heavy
-- Description: This spell defends the caster with plates of ice at will. The ten charges are kept within Kisa and are drawn out with a thought around a specific limb or body part. When summoned the ice takes the hit and shatters, allowing Kisa to hopefully get away. Icy spike can also be added in case the opponent is using an unarmed attack.

Name: Fydan Fymg –Water Walk-
-- Type: Elemental Manipulation
-- Casting Time: One hour
-- Casting Method: Morning ritual done every day.
-- Range: Self
-- Area of Effect: Self
-- Duration: Twenty Four Hours
-- Usage/Energy Drain: Dependent on intent
-- Description: While the name focuses on walking, this spell is actually an aura boosting spell that allows Kisa to manipulate water is if it were a solid object. This includes everything from walking on it to forming it into a simple tool of simple function.

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Re: Kisa
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2016, 12:39:33 AM »
Hello Kisa. :)

The racial issue is unorthodox, but given the Guild Wars connection, I think it will be fine. However, one thing I would like to see more of in this context, is some more information about her magic. You mention glamour briefly, for instance. Given the nature of the different magic types and the odd restrictions that come with some of them, I would ask that you clarify whether she uses Fae magic or "regular" magic, and describe her relationship to it, how she manipulates it to form spells, etc. Just expand a little on her magic section in general.

Her skills-section seems a little lacking for a girl who, if I've understood her backstory correctly, lived by herself in a tundra for an extended period of time. Maybe you can tell us more about the different things she can do? Undoubtedly, she knows more than the average 19-year-old?

And last but not least, her personality is on the short side, which makes it difficult to get a grasp of who Kisa is as a person. This part of a character application is perhaps a tad more important than the others, so I recommend adding an entire paragraph or two.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
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Re: Kisa
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A player with a very high ability.