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The Elemental Lords
« on: July 21, 2016, 02:23:53 AM »
The Higher Powers of Eldanar

The Elemental Lords are not gods or deities. They do not have clerics, followings, or zealots. They are, in all simplicity, the element itself. They do not have a physical form but are often portrayed in art as specific characters. They are the spirit of the element and they control their respective element with all-encompassing power. Yet, even though they control their element they cannot override an actual Deity. For instance, Livana and Jherad both have fluent control over all the elements that far surpasses the Elemental Lords.

Aside from elements, they are also associated with a physical mass, an emotion, and an idea. Basically, the four lords command every aspect of life, divided evenly among the four. There is always something to look to them for; for either luck, aid, fortune, guidance, or grievance. Despite the amount of control they have, it is very limited and easily manipulated; they are the most basic of the fundamental beings that make up Eldanar.

The Four Lords are as follows:

Baldor: Water, Seas, Wisdom, and Perseverance
The Water Lord, Baldor is most commonly associated with the great expanse of the sea. He is the governor of wisdom, truth, and the mind; and master of persistence, endurance, and diligence. Many look to him for guidance in complicated times, to clear their mind, or for self enlightenment. He is also a central figure in the lore and myths of many societies and races. He has infinite knowledge and is often looked to when one doesn’t know an answer in the hope that Baldor would guide them in their search. On a more material standpoint, he is the embodiment of water. Water or ice mages often refer to Baldor in times of trouble or even fortune. Sailors look to Baldor to grant them safe passage or a calm sea. Baldor is the keeper of Knowledge and is usually portrayed as a wise and weathered old man carrying books or scrolls who stands tall with pride.

Caarel: Fire, Sun, Temper, and Passion
The Tyrant among Fire, Caarel represents passion and temper. He is young, vibrant, and strong. He commands pure passion, challenge, desire, vigor, and devotion, but at the same time ignorance, stubbornness, rage, hate, and vengeance. His charm is both a blessing and a curse. He is looked to for immediate action and assurance in irrational and even chaotic deeds. As the tyrant among fire he is commonly looked to by fire mages or just those who seek power. He is the commander of sheer power and youth. Caarel is portrayed as a dashing and strapping young man dressed in armor and wielding a flaming sword with expressions of arrogance, confidence, even superiority.

Khain: Earth, Mountains, Valor, and Fortitude
King of Earth and Father of the Land, Khain rumbles far beneath dwarven mines, deep within the vast forest, and below the world’s surface. He is the embodiment of courage, bravery, might, honor, and discipline. He is the selfless warrior of the people who weathers all disasters and dark times. Khain is the most noble of all the Elemental Lords. Most think of him as the Father of the Earth, the Giver of Life, and the Guardian of Balance. People look to him for inner strength, courage, or overcoming temptation. As the King of Earth he is actively looked to for prosperity in new beginnings, latter life, and self honor. He is portrayed, most commonly as a principled and sturdy dwarf in rugged travel clothes carrying a staff. He is a depiction of solidarity, respect, and self-discipline.

Veral: Air, Skies, Tranquility, and Vitality
Queen of Air and Wind, Veral keeps a constant, watchful eye on Eldanar. She is the Bringer of Peace the Mother of Grace. She brings the morning breeze, upon which, the scent of flowers float, and she lifts the wings of birds and dragons. She is as elegant as she is beautiful. She comforts the people during hard times and lifts them up, gives them hope. She guides the weary and heals the sick. She truly is the Mother of the Land, and the people are always grateful for her fortune. She is often looked to as someone who the people can lean on in times of strife. She is portrayed as a beautiful, lively, and serene elf in an elegant dress wafting in the breeze. She is a passionate lover and a loyal friend.
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