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The Forge / Re: Elementals
« Last post by Martucci on Yesterday at 05:09:16 PM »
This is great. I love that picture by the way.
The Southlands / Re: Due Payment
« Last post by Harmen on April 23, 2017, 08:12:18 AM »
Dissatisfied, Harmen dropped to his knees and crawled beneath the shrubs that were blocking his path. It seemed as though every time he moved, there was a cacophanous noise; like the whole forest was trying to give away their position. He rose again further on to gain his bearings. Aurn wasn't far, but the paranoia of getting separated was palpable. The pair had been travelling like this for some minutes, trying to make as little noise as possible while still traveling at something more than a snail's pace. Harmen had discovered he was frighteningly bad at being quiet.

While looking around, he had seen more of the village as they approached. Each time he saw more or the thatched roofs and dirt roads, and each time a deeper shudder went into his body. When he returned to following Aurn, some of the anxiety left him as he focused on creeping forwards. However, each time he remembered that they were getting closer to their quarry, it flashed through his blood anew. He was reminded of the Katta on the Steppes of Valanthia that they had fought months earlier. They had moved with such skill and grace, the first things that the caravan heard of them was a primal roar as they attacked. As he crawled through some leaf litter, Harmen couldn't help but feel he was on the opposite end of the spectrum of stealth.

Gradually, the vegetation changed and thinned as the ridge sloped differently. They shifted from submerging themselves in the foliage to using trees and thickets of bamboo as cover. Progress was faster, but Harmen noticed just how badly they stood out. Details like the rattling of his gauntlets and the shine of any metal became all the more apparent; he used mud to dull the reflection and tucked his hands under his arms to prevent the metal plates from clinking.

Loping from one piece of cover to another, Harmen controlled his footfalls. There was no thud, no rustle of grass, and his breath was quiet. As he slowed to take cover behind a gnarled fallen tree, but like so many novices before him, he took a single casual step.

The snap of a dry twig seemed to echo through the forest like thunder.
The Southlands / Re: Due Payment
« Last post by Aurn Novak on March 24, 2017, 07:05:29 AM »
"I'm running like this," Harmen said, "because it's familiar."

Was he jumping around to fit some last-minute practice in, or because of his nervousness?

"It helps calm me down, because I've been running like this for years."

And what did that mean, thought the blue haired man. 

On more than one occasion the young man had run away from the caravan or him.  Even if he was just asked a question or was at the end of an argument, he would "have to run."  He had said that he intended to vindicate Baron's fears.  He had said that he didn't want his village's loss to be in vain.  Despite his current determination - all those times Harmen had run away from something.

This was Harmen's final fight.  The culmination of far more than the year this journey had already taken.  This fight had been set years ago, when Baron had slaughtered Aldealcan.  This was the decisive, absolute end.  Either Baron would be slain, or they would die - their souls fueling his power.  Harmen said that he intended to vindicate Baron's fears.  He had said that he didn't want his village's loss to be in vain.  

In the very least he was running towards something.  For now.

Aurn glanced up to the hills that shrouded Heien, at the slivers of rooves cut out between stretches of forest.  In the fading light he could have sworn he caught the glimmer of metal in the evening light.  The metal of weapons and armor they would be pitted against in short time.  They were slowly making their way around the hills, moving as far away from the more obvious entrances, and closing in to the village while they did so.  They cleared a ruined, waist-high wall that cut through the field back towards the inn and refugees.

More wild as they closed in on the hills, the field was soon a mess with worn, overgrown rubble, mixed with shrubs and shoots of bamboo.  Not fifty feet away the ground suddenly sloped up and away, covered in a dense layer of foliage, all tangled under the forest's canopy.  The remains of a few more wait-high stone walls seemed to meet at another, higher wall.  Just one short section remained of the wall.  Aurn slowed down and stopped.  Harmen - ahead of him by no short distance stopped and turned around.  They had been running for a long while, longer than he had run in in probably a year or more.  He could feel the sweat under his armor, on his brow, on his arms.  Breath more heavy than he preferred.

"I'll hide my backpack here." Aurn said as he kneeled down near the corner where one of the short walls connected with the lone section of far older wall.  He swung his backpack down, and quickly began feeling bricks along the bottom of the shorter wall.  Each was still solid until one larger brick right on the ground jiggled.  Soon enough Aurn pulled it out, and dug a bit out from under the wall to fit his backpack.

He pulled his backpack to himself - all that he owned - and reached inside, slowly, almost mechanically.  Aurn knew everything would be where it was, exactly in it's given, organized spot - but he reached anyway.  A calloused finger touched bound paper, and he didn't even need to look at it.  It's thick, heavy edges and corners were worn and crumpled - despite the reverence with which he had treated it over the years.  These were the hereditary documents that proved Aurn's heritage. A strange feeling slowly gripped him then.  A doubt and uneasiness.  He was the last Novak.  If he died up on the slopes of that Nijonese village, everything Xavius, his Mother and his Father did would been in vain.  So, at least to some degree, Aurn understood the anxiety that chewed at Harmen as he waited.  Aurn let go of the paper.  

He closed his backpack, hid it in the wall, and pushed the brick back in place.

Because of his honor, Aurn had been dragged into something he never thought of - things he hadn't experienced.  And yet he was willing to face Baron.  He was willing to sacrifice it all to uphold his honor - paradoxically so that it all wouldn't be in vain.  What about Harmen, who had made it his duty to confront Baron?

"You had better steel yourself."  Aurn said as he stood up, dusted the dirt from his hands and looked at Harmen.  He began to re-tighten the grip and straps on his weapon. "There is no running away once we enter that village."

With surcoat trailing behind him, blue hair brushing against his brow, and Aegis at the ready, Aurn walked through the crumbled skeletons of walls and old things and stepped into the underbrush of the rising slope.
The Southlands / Re: Due Payment
« Last post by Harmen on March 16, 2017, 06:22:57 AM »
Harmen loped alongside Aurn, still experimenting with his gait.

"I'm running like this," he said, "because it's familiar." The teenager dove into a shoulder roll as his path took him over an inconsequential branch that had fallen on the ground. He dusted some stray blades of grass from his hair. "It helps calm me down, because I've been running like this for years."

A feeling in the pit of his stomach had been building since they left, about half an hour earlier. Every time he reminded himself that they were going to meet Baron at Heien, the feeling grew. It felt tense and cold, like some void feeding on his fear. However, perhaps in an unsurprising way, Harmen's running served to fill that void. The confidence with which his placed his footfalls and the authority with which he ran were building him up while he was being worn down. Although he was becoming increasingly tense, he had so far managed to keep his focus.

Strangely, Harmen found himself worrying whether Aurn would tire himself out before they made it to Heien. He curtly shook his head at the idea, batting it away like he was swatting at a fly near his ear. The weight and sound of his gauntleted hand were still unfamiliar.

Long shadows crossed over the pair as they neared the village, alternating light and dark. The rooftops returned, having been obscured by the trees for a while. Harmen caught the sight of a spear, reaching up besides a building as its bearer was standing guard, or patrolling. The void in his gut grew, sending a shiver through his body.

The distance was still great, but seeing a weapon borne by an enemy made everything feel all the more real.
Announcements / Re: New IRC
« Last post by Vyse on March 05, 2017, 01:13:31 AM »
Discord sucks.
Announcements / Re: New IRC
« Last post by Yvel on March 04, 2017, 06:22:12 PM »
Get with the times and get a Discord server!
The Southlands / Re: Due Payment
« Last post by Aurn Novak on March 03, 2017, 08:30:02 AM »
"I don't know how your honor works."

In the warming light of evening, through nearly waist high grass the pair ran.  Aurn ran with backpack clattering, surcoat billowing and Aegis rising and falling with each step - and Harmen sprinted alongside him - before shifting backwards.  As tall grass whipped against him, the blue haired man could only stare in strange curiosity.

"But in order for me to resolve this, I need to settle this with Baron personally." finished Harmen as he effortlessly swiveled around to run properly again.

Aurn held his gaze on Harmen for a moment longer.  Every so often Harmen would outpace the blue haired man, before slowing down again.  The youth was still anxious, still nervous but a certain determination was peeking through.  Aurn's gaze hardened before he returned his watch to the forested hills where Heien sat, nestled, its roofs just barely visible from between the thickets.

Snake-like eyes flashed through his mind.  A dusky, strange silhouette followed, barely outlined, barely detailed in choked light - light pushed away and constrained.  A rainy, cold rooftop.  A crowded street.

"Then what are you doing?" Aurn asked without even a cursory glance at Harmen.  "Why are you running like that?"

Despite that anxiety that must be clawing at him - the determination in Harmen's eyes drew up memories, arguments, conversations in Aurn's mind.

"Whenever I think about it, I become scared . . .  I was looking at someone that was dying because of me, and I was scared."

"I needed to know that I could preserve myself, so that Aldealcan survived what Baron did, if only by one person."

". . . Without that knowledge, a senjii is an invincible monster. With it, Baron fears me hunting him down. I have every intention of vindicating his fear."

Then his own words followed them in a surge, a tide - scattered and formless - tinged with frustration, anger, realization, and understanding.

"Baron is not some lost soul or innocent person . . . He is a monster whose only agenda is staying alive."

"You survive because you don't want the loss of your village to be in vain.  I survive so Xavius' and my parents' deaths weren't in vain."

"If you can't overcome this fear, then it will have been in vain." 

He was sizing up the fast approaching patch of hills, elevations and slopes - all thickly wooded - as far as he could tell from the field.  They would need to approach the hamlet from the cover of the woods, before nightfall.  The best route the blue haired man's nigh ten years of mercenary work had taught him was that approaching it from the south would be the best.  More cover that appeared to be closest to the village - and further from the obvious entrance via the main path.  He glanced far back to his left - to the wagon path they'd left some time ago.  It was a hairline that curved slowly away, towards their direction - before being obscured by the thickening foliage of the slopes.  He thought he could see the yellowy-orange sheen reflected off of rice paddies on the far side of the path - just before the trees overtook it.

A wide, rotten tree stump suddenly appeared in his path - concealed by the tall grass.  With a heaving push of his right foot, he jumped onto it and pushed off of it again with his left.  Landing harder than he would have liked, the weight of his backpack pressed against his back and slumped against his shoulders.  He would need to hide it before they could properly try and approach Heien.
The Southlands / Re: Due Payment
« Last post by Harmen on March 03, 2017, 07:19:12 AM »
Breathe and move forward.

Harmen had to hold himself back continually, more often than not outpacing Aurn. He sighed raggedly, shaking his head and fell back alongside his partner. He couldn't afford to run off on his own, not this time. Not when he needed Aurn's help most. To Harmen's perception, they could have been traveling for days, one of them the picture of calm, the other erratic as a sputtering fire.

Memories came and went, sometimes blurring together. The sights of Baron in the mountains clashed with the sounds from the Kattan raid on the caravan so long ago. It shifted to the decomposing skeleton in the pyramid, speaking with Baron's voice. In that storm of thought, Harmen fought for control. He struggled to surface from his flashbacks, taking solace in the familiar sounds of his own footfalls, and the way his hair bounced on his head. Although he was not the frightened rabbit that he had been, the teenager was certainly no fearless hero.

"... off the main road." He heard Aurn say. It sounded different from normal; it was like the slow rolling waves of the ocean as the tide came in. They were certain in their purpose, and retook the land at their own pace.

Harmen nodded and followed closely, glad to have a distraction to pull his attention. Although the terrain was by no means dangerous, he would need to concentrate at least a little to avoid rolling an ankle.

Flowing from his stomach, he felt a tremble settle in his body.

“I don’t know how your honour works,” he said easily between strides. The teenager was staggering his steps and meandered over the field, falling into the same patterns Aurn had taken him through earlier. At the time, he chose to shuffle his footwork to run backwards some distance. “But in order for me to resolve this, I need to settle this with Baron personally.” He caught the side of his foot in the ground, and twisted his body to pivot so he was running side by side with Aurn again.

From behind a thicket of trees, the first roofs of the village came into view.
Announcements / New IRC
« Last post by Davin Ragal on February 26, 2017, 11:49:03 PM »
We now have our own dedicated IRC server.  Anyone returning will remember the old place, little has changed.  Those old and new to the forum, please come check us out.  See this post for a brief on how to join the channel.  Any problem let myself or Zyr know and we will try and direct you.
Beginner's Guide / The IRC
« Last post by Davin Ragal on February 26, 2017, 11:45:51 PM »
At Hidden Realms, we have a real time chat that users are welcome to use in order to congregate and talk about RPs, or just generally get to know their fellow RPers.

We use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as a service, and it can be accessed via various clients.  Most commonly people use mIRC on Windows machines and xchat on *nix systems, though the latter will work on windows (There are, much like and software, many different ones, these are just some suggestions from ones that I have personally used).  For those who want to access the chat from a machine where they are not allowed to install new software, there is an online client that works very well called mibbit.

While we will leave the majority of learning the IRC ways up to the users, here are some of the basics you will need.

The address for our server should be accessible via the name irc.vegardindustries.com and you should use port 6667.  Once connected to the server, you should perform the following command:
Code: [Select]
/join #hiddenrealms
This will have you join the main channel on which we converse.  If you need assistance with anything related to HR, you can do:
Code: [Select]
/join #help
We will attempt to have staff their as much as we can, and you can ask them anything you need about the site, or the chat etc.

A word of caution about the IRC, we generally use colorful language, and often have gentle barbs among friends.  While we try and keep things civil and safe on the forums, we cannot (and in some cases do not want to) police the IRC.  We do own the server, so we can issue bans etc for appropriate reasons without having to go through a service admin.  If someone is being overtly abusive to anyone, they should contact Davin or Zyr.

One final note about the mIRC client.  It will always request you register (and thusly pay for) the product.  If you simply wait when you start it up, the continue button will make itself available.

We hope you will come in and talk with us at some point!
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