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Occasionally referred to as the Avian Race, the Volarians are a race of winged-humanoids. Most commonly found in their aeries deep in the unforgiving ranges of the Khalar Mountains, Volarians tend to live in seclusion, and are indeed oft times considered myth among more ignorant villagers.

Racial Details

Physical Appearance

Volarians are quite similar to humans in terms of appearance and are roughly comparable with humanity in terms of height distribution, though generally a bit shorter, ranging from five feet to roughly six and a half feet on average (approximately 1.5 to 2 meters). Unlike most other races, Volarians show very small differences in size between males and females, with each sex being roughly the same height on average. Despite their generally similar appearance to humans they are also a good bit lighter and skinnier than humans weight wise, weighing around 60% of a typical human's weight due to their lighter bodily structure and hollow bones.

The biggest departures from humanity in terms of appearance are their large wings and bird-like facial features. Their wings are generally 18 to 22 feet (approximately 5.5 to 6.5 meters) from tip to tip and grow rapidly during their childhood years, reaching full size at about age 12. While Volarians do not have beaks like their avian counterparts, their faces do have a distinctly bird-like appearance. Volarian eyes are larger and more sensitive than human eyes, being optimized for flight which requires exceptional object detection and depth perception. While Volarians do not have quite as wide a field of vision as most birds of prey, roughly 240 degrees of vision as compared to a hawk's 340, but theirs is wider than that of humans and the other sentient races that inhabit Eldanar. As such, Volarian skulls are more slanted from the nose back, with their eyes appearing back and to a slight angle as compared to a human or an elf. Additionally, Volarian noses tend to be hooked and prominent, perhaps just short of "beak-like".


Volarians live for knowledge and dedicate themselves to studying a wide variety of subjects that include, but are not limited to Magic Lore, the Art of War, Culture, History, etc. They have lived in the wilderness for ages, and though they are quite reclusive,they are still one of the more civilized races in the lands of Entar. As devout worshipers of Faelyn, Volarians tend to emulate the ideals that this benevolent goddess represents.

Perhaps due to their scarcity and the harshness of their home environment, Volarian social structure is very communal. While parents take the lead role in raising their children, many responsibilities are shared amongst the greater population. Furthermore, resources are rationed out based on need and Volarian looks out for the well-being of the group as a whole, not just their own. Ownership is somewhat different for a Volarian than for other races, as most things are considered property of the group rather than an individual. Personal effects, such as artifacts and other heirlooms, belong to families, but virtually everything else is subject to the needs of the community.

When interacting with other species Volarians tend to be shy and deferential, many of them having never met a non-Volarian in their lives. If challenged a Volarian is more likely to attempt to retreat than escalate the situation. However, Volarians will fight back if they feel they are being threatened and can be vicious foes when pushed to violence.


Volarians tend to be on the good side of nature, but this is in no way exclusive. Due to their tight-knit communities and general lack of communication with the outside world, crime and betrayal are rare within their homeland. However, while the few Volarians that do leave their homes and venture out into the world at large tend to be good aligned, not all of them fit this mold.


Flight and the consequences therein are the major distinguishing factors of the Volarian race. Even their large wings would not be enough to carry a heavier build in flight, so Volarians have evolved to be much lighter than other species with less muscle mass and hollow bones. Consequently, they are physically weaker than the vast majority of other species and cannot wield heavy weapons or wear heavy armor. Additionally, they have a wider and deeper field of vision that allows them to distinguish objects at great distances and perceive rapid movements with much more clarity than any other sentient race. Volarians are also fantastic navigators in the air, easily capable of recognizing and remembering landmarks and other indicators that reveal their location. These skills are less effective on the ground due to more things being obstructive than in the air, but the general principle still applies.

Volarians are naturally gifted at predicting weather patterns from shifts in air currents, a necessity to avoid getting caught in storms and other forms of dangerous weather. That being said, unfamiliar environments make this a much more difficult proposition. A Volarian who had spent most of their lives near the Khalar Mountains would require an adjustment period if they found themselves in the Haldarac desert, for example.


  • Youth: 8 - 15
  • Adult: 16 - 34
  • Middle Age: 35 - 59
  • Elderly: 60 - 74
  • Dead By: 75

Cultural Attributes


The Volarians have little to no relations with the other races of Entar. Having made their homes deep in the Khalar Mountains, Volarians historically spent most of their time simply trying to survive in the harsh environment. This reclusive race has kept to themselves and did not take part in the Divine Wars nor do they take part in wars between other races. They are rarely seen outside of their mountainous homeland and most people in Entar are not even aware of their existence. While there are small numbers of Volarians outside their homeland in the Khalar Mountains, sightings of the graceful, winged people are rare and most will go their whole lives without ever encountering one.


Officially, no country or city is identified as belonging to the Volarians. Due to their insular nature and the inhospitable location of their homeland in the icy ranges of the Khalar Mountains, most nations have only a vague knowledge of the few Volarian communities at best. Slightly less than 5000 Volarians live in what is called a "Pesakond" in the Volarian language, similar in concept to a town or village but with with a much more communal and flat structure of governance, as opposed to the more hierarchical structures often seen in the towns and cities of other races. Aside from this main population, there are some 500 Volarians scattered throughout the rest of Eldanar, most of which are either wanderers who set out on their own for various reasons or the children thereof. They are most commonly found in Valgard, but as there are so few of them "commonly" is a relative term.


Almost all Volarians are fluent in their native language which is identified as "Volarian" in the common tongue and "Ettekanne" in the language itself. Given their isolation, this language sounds extremely strange to foreigners, and virtually none aside from Volarians speak or understand it at all. The Volarians that do venture out into the world typically speak the common tongue at least decently well, with many becoming fluent over time.


By and large, Volarians worship the Goddess Faelyn and seek to uphold her virtues. Their society lacks an organized clergy and/or priesthood, instead attempting to infuse Faelyn's teachings into their daily lives and making every moment an expression of their devotion to their perception of her ideals. The Volarians living outside their main community may worship any other God or Goddess, though many are still inclined to follow the teachings of Faelyn.


  • Original Concept and Write-up: Ciralian Niemys
  • Revised Edition: Vyse, Davin Ragal, and Zyrphath
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