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Minor Race: Minotaur
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Physically imposing bovine like race, the Minotaur is a stereotypical warrior race, however despite this belief Minotaurs often tend to be peaceful, and have an innate skill and passion for craft work. Defensive of their society to outsiders is where the stereotype of their war like tenancies arise

Racial Details

Physical Appearance

Minotaurs are physically imposing, standing between 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 feet in height and weighing between 300 to 450 pounds. A minotaur's upper body is humanoid, with broad shoulders, a deep chest, and strong arms ending in fully articulate hands. For the most part, the legs are also humanlike, although their feet end in cleft hooves. Their powerful bodies are covered with short, thick fur, ranging in hue from red to brown, with rare occurrences of black, tan, or white-furred individuals. Minotaur heads are clearly bovine in nature. They have large, deep-set eyes in shades of dark brown and black. Minotaurs have short, yellow-white horns that grow from their temples, 6 to 12 inches long for females, and anywhere from 1 to 2 feet long for males. Minotaur manes are a shade or two darker than their fur.

To nonminotaurs, the physical differences between males and females may not be immediately apparent, since both sexes are equally powerfully built and there is no role distinction between the sexes. Minotaur dress tends to be austere and simple, nothing more than a harness and a leather skirt, although those of noble rank may wear loose-fitting robes. The harness carries weapons as well as providing a place for the minotaur to hang trophies.


Minotaurs are physically imposing to most people. As such, outsiders will rarely see the more peaceful side of their society. They are also very defensive of their society to outsiders. Minotaurs have a passion for craft work, including smithing, and are also known for cattle farming, and herding. Because of this most Minotaurs are peaceful when they reach middle age.

Young Minotaurs tend to be hot headed, quick to anger, stubborn, and normally do not wish to pursue the peaceful life of a farmer or smith. It is common to see younger Minotaurs out in the world as mercenaries, which lends to the stereotype of the race.

When reaching middle age it is common for a Minotaur to return to his village and settle down. It is however, not uncommon for any that have ventured into other lands, to remain away from their society in whatever capacity they have chosen.


Minotaurs really display little in the way of sway to one side or another, tending to live a life of neutrality. This is not absolute however.


Minotaurs are physically very strong even when young or old. They have an innate ability to see in the dark, and have a heightened sense of smell that supports this ability. This can make Minotaurs adept hunters for their villages, or in life in general.

Their size can also be a hindrance, especially when away from their home villages, and they have a fearful reputation that can often lead to them being shunned outside their own society. Their sense of smell can be crippling if there is a particularly overpowering and unpleasant odor.

It is exceptionally rare that a Minotaur will be in tune with magics, and as such it is very rare to come across a Minotaur spell caster.


  • Youth: 12 - 16
  • Adult: 17 - 49
  • Middle Age: 50 - 99
  • Elderly: 100 - 149
  • Dead By: 150

Minotaurs cannot cross breed with any other species.

Cultural Attributes


Minotaurs have no distinct relations, tending to be insular in their own village and defensive of their own culture. Those that exist outside of Minotaur society are often feared. As such, a Minotaur must earn the respect of any race, creed or nation. From their perspective, the opposite also applies.


There is no one land that can be traced as the origin of the Minotaur society, other than that of Khalar. Minotaur villages tend to be in remote, hilly terrain, where they can tend their flock, build on their craft, and live in peace. As such, it is most easy to find Minotaur villages in the foothills of the Khalar Mountains, and also in the Southlands. Wandering Minotaurs are common throughout all of Entar, but tend to be youths and young adults


Kothian is the minotaur language, though minotaurs also speak Common fluently. Kothian is a clipped, abrupt language.


Faelyn, Selune, Talos and Daidlin are among some of the more common deities followed by Minotaurs. That being said, worship is a private and individual thing to a Minotaur, and it is not uncommon for a community to have an exceptionally diverse set of beliefs.


  • Original Concept and Write-up: Galder es-Teskos
  • Revised Edition: Davin Ragal & Zyrphath
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Re: Minor Race: Minotaur
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